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Sync your inventory with Facebook ads in real timeGenerate 1st party VIN Leads on FacebookDrive shoppers to your VDP pages tagged and tracked for Google AnalyticsRetarget and convert your website traffic with specific VINsConquest new shoppers using POLK In-Market Shoppers and Model Line Owner dataTarget your dead and unsold list using Custom AudiencesGet Sales Matchback Reports every month to measure vehicle sales

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“It’s all about online shopping. We knew if we were not all over [online], we would be out of the game. I believe we need to be in front of the customer at all times and it seems like people are on Facebook at all times. I would say relative to buying traditional media, Facebook is inexpensive and is proving to be one of the reasons we had such a big month last December.”


Dealer Principal, Hub City Ford

“This product is the pre-owned game changer everyone is looking for. The quality of customer we are seeing coming through the door is stronger than ever…a customer who is ready to buy. We watched our stores grow in volume and gross; all because we changed the conversation via Dealers United VIN Lead Ads.”


Director of Marketing and Business Development, Leader Automotive Group

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