3 Service Campaign Ideas For Auto Dealers

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Is your dealership struggling to get service revenue? Hear from our in-house Facebook Blueprint Certified expert, Ava Pandeloglou, and our 3 favorite service ad campaigns your dealership can easily run on Facebook.


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Video Transcript

Struggling to get more Service Revenue? My name’s Ava from Dealers United and I’m Facebook Blueprint Certified.

I would love to give you 3 awesome plays that we use to get more people in your service department.

Service Campaign #1 is called an “Offer” Ad. You can offer people, say, a $9.98 Oil Change, and when they press the button “Get Offer” on your ad, Facebook will remind them to use an actual coupon.

And you can target people by their Birthday month! So if you want to let people know about this offer specifically in the month of their birthday, you can do that using Facebook’s targeting. 

Service Campaign #2 is called your hometown Dealership Ad. So this displays what your service department looks like, and lets people know that you are the go-to service dealership in the area.

You can actually target people by “People Who Have Recently Moved” so that once they do move, they know who the go-to dealership is for service.

Service Campaign #3 is for hiring, so if you have the struggle of getting new employees in your service department, specifically technicians, we can use Facebook’s targeting Demographics & Interests to get people hired in your dealership as an awesome technician.

Stay tuned for more education videos, and I’d love to see your dealership’s running more service ads!

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Blog Author - Brooke Jensen

Written By Brooke Jensen
Brooke handles all of Dealers United’s digital marketing. In addition to her love for design and copy, Brooke also adores her two dog-like kittens, playing the electric violin, and walking barefoot around the office.

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