9 Shockingly Successful Facebook Campaigns You Can Create From Your Dealership’s Audience Insights (Part 2 of 2)

Jul 10, 2017 | Social Media

In Part 1, I introduced a free tool on Facebook that offers insights about your dealership’s target market. But once you know these consumer trends – what do you do with them? In this article, I’ll break down each section of your Audience Insights and help inspire new audience ideas that you can use to find and convert new customers. PLUS, I’ll show you 9 of the best Facebook campaigns for auto dealers you can deliver to those users RIGHT NOW.

Last week, I wrote an article about a free tool called Facebook Audience Insights to help your dealership identify its ideal target customers.

(If you missed it, you can read it here: Use This “Data Jackpot” To Find WHO Your Dealership Is Actually Selling Cars To – Part 1)

Through this tool, your dealership should have already:

  1. Created a Custom Audience based on your dealership’s data.
  2. Loaded your Audience into Audience Insights to cross-match it to Facebook’s user data.
  3. Explored 6 pages of aggregated data to better understand your dealership’s target audience.

Now for the cool part:

I’m going to help you use those insights to create 9 of the best Facebook campaigns for auto dealers.

If you’ve already created Custom Audiences and Lookalike Audiences…

…using Audience Insights to manually create your next conquest campaigns is the next step to finding and converting more users on Facebook.

A Few Things To Know About Audience Insights

Remember, the Audience Insights tool pulls trends by matching your dealerships data to active Facebook’s users.

Once you load one of your dealership’s Custom Audiences into Audience Insights, you’ll see 6 core pages of reports:

  • Demographics
  • Page Likes
  • Location
  • Activity
  • Household
  • Purchase

These reports measure data trends of your audience (i.e., does your customer list have more male or female buyers?) represented by blue bars.

Plus, they show how your customers “Compare” to all of Facebook’ users (represented by gray bars).

HEADS UP! Facebook’s “gray bars” and “Compare” filter are provided to help you understand which of your data trends are most UNIQUE. Often times, your most unique trends will show at the top of your reports—not your biggest trends. And those unique trends can be a better insight than your most popular trends when it comes to Facebook ads.

And, remember:

While this isn’t a 100% accurate research tool for ALL of your customers…

…Audience Insights DO offer a good idea of who your customers are based on user records matched on Facebook.

Campaigns built from these insights are proven to help you conquest more prospects near your dealership because they’re based off of your store’s own data.

Keep all of this in mind as we build our campaigns!

9 Of The Best Facebook Campaigns For Auto Dealers Using Audience Insights

These campaigns will combine data, your assumptions, and some good ol’ fashioned creativity.

While you can use Insights for specific comparisons like Pre-owned vs. New buyers or characteristics of people who buy exact vehicle models…

…in this article I’ll use a dealership’s full customer file as our example.

Let’s dive in!

DEMOGRAPHIC campaigns:

In the DEMOGRAPHICS tab, your dealership will learn general demographic info like top age ranges, gender, and education level:

Key things to look for:

  • Did more women buy from you, or more men?
  • What are the top 3 job titles?

Campaign #1: Reduce a demographic gap

Assumption: More men are buying vehicles at this dealership than women (43% to 57%)

Audience: Only women near the dealer’s zip code

Ad: A lead ad offering women an exclusive service special or other incentive to get more women into the dealership.

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Campaign #2: Harness a unique job role

Assumption: The dealership caters more to Management and Sales job roles, but has a unique ratio of Veterans (US) and Military job titles compared to Facebook’s overall data.

Audience: Job roles of Active and inactive Military, people who have interests related to the US military

Ad: Military offers, “thank you for your service” campaigns

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PAGE LIKES Campaigns:

The PAGE LIKES tab holds my favorite customer insights.

Inside, you’ll find a list of Facebook Pages that are most relevant to your audience based on Pages they’ve already Liked…

…PLUS a ton of insights into what your audience is interested in, from the sports teams they like, to the TV shows they’re watching, to the public figures they follow.

This is a goldmine for creating new Facebook audiences.

Key things to look for:

  • At least 2 Top Categories / Page Like trends you can tie your dealership into that your audience is also interested in

Campaign #3: Resonate with a core belief

Assumption: This audience tends to have pretty conservative views.

Audience: People with political views related to the Republican party while excluding people who have other political affiliations

Ad: Promote your dealership’s involvement in Republican-focused rallies or town meetings

Campaign #4: Share a common interest

Assumption: Our audience Likes the Tampa Bay Rays.

Audience: People who have interests related to the Tampa Bay Rays.

Ad: Create a promotion or contest giving away Rays tickets, or show your love of the game!

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ACTIVITY Campaigns:

Under the ACTIVITY Insights tab, you’ll find two important factors: Frequency of Activities and Device Users.

Key things to look for:

  • How engaged our Audience is with Businesses on Facebook
  • What device they’re using to access Facebook

Campaign #5: Urge actions your users want to take

Assumption: Our customers hardly Like Business Pages or redeem Facebook promotions, but will click ads and engage with organic posts.

Audience: In-Market Auto Shoppers near my zip code

Ad: Website traffic ads encouraging users to browse your inventory on your website.

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Campaign #6: Try specific device placements

Assumption: The majority of my customers are using their mobile device for Facebook.

Audience: In-Market Auto Shoppers with a Mobile-only Ad Placement

Ad: Inventory ads automatically placing your pre-owned inventory in the Mobile News feed.

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While both the HOUSEHOLD and PURCHASE tabs are full of awesome data, there are 3 insights that I think your dealership will find most helpful when building its campaigns:

Key things to look for:

  • What income levels to target
  • Any unique purchase behaviors

Campaign #7: Zero-in on an income range

Assumption: The dealer’s customers tend to have a household income between $100,000 – $250,000 and the most unique range is between $125,000 to $150,000.

Audience: In-Market Auto Shoppers

Ad: Inventory ads automatically placing higher ticket pre-owned inventory in the Facebook News Feed

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Campaign #8: Discover a unique purchase trend

Assumption: Our customers are more likely to buy Pet products compared to the rest of Facebook users.

Audience: Users interested in dogs and/or cats

Ad: Ads promoting your love of animals and the vehicles that can happily house furry friends.

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Campaign #9: Narrow inventory by preferred styles

Assumption: Our customers prefer Luxury SUVs, Hybrid/alt. Fuel vehicles, and Pickup trucks.

Audience: In-Market Auto Shoppers who are interested in your dealership’s specific and Makes and Models

Ad: Inventory ads showcasing each Make & Model to the appropriate audience.

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Wrap Up – 9 of the Best Campaigns For Auto Dealers Using Audience Insights

There you have it:

9 campaign ideas created from Facebook’s Audience Insights.

Ready to create your own campaigns? Call us at 941-366-6760 or click here to request a Facebook demo with our team and start targeting audiences like THIS right now.

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