All Sales Managers Must Support And Defend The BDC

Aug 29, 2014 | Sales and BDC

Despite the fact that we’ve had this pesky innovation called “the internet” around in car dealerships for nearly a generation, I still meet more desk managers who enjoy torturing the Internet BDC than I meet those who support their efforts.

Sales Managers Must Support And Defend The BDC
This boggles my mind! These same managers are paid based on what the entire store sells, and the BDC is often instrumental in driving the growth for the stores I visit.

The time for sales managers to not just support but truly start defending their BDCs is NOW.
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It’s simply bad for business if your desk managers continue to take the side of your sales floor in disputes with the BDC. After all, if the floor team did their job, you wouldn’t need a BDC in the first place.

The reason for nearly every dealership BDC in place today is because the sales managers cannot (or will not) get their floor teams to make the required calls using the proper talk tracks.

It’s simple activity management that fails for almost every dealer on the floor, yet succeeds in a BDC environment.

Once your sales managers can support and defend the BDC, you can make the BDC team a TRUE developer of business.

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Blog Author - Steve Stauning

Written By Steve Stauning
Steve Stauning is a popular automotive industry speaker and writer, founder of pladoogle LLC, and a proud and active board member for Dealers United. As a true workaholic, he is considered 'hobby-less' by most standards; though this former US Marine does enjoy boating and outdoor activities near his home in Northern Idaho.

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