“Attack On Dealerships” : How Dealers Can Combat Vroom and Carvana’s Messaging

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If you watched the Super Bowl this year, you probably caught Vroom’s commercial that rubbed a lot of us in the dealer community the wrong way.

Carvana has also been taking an anti-dealer message in some of their latest ads and marketing. As dealers, there is plenty enough to stress about without worrying about large-scale messaging disparaging your efforts and adding to the misconception that working with a dealership is a bad experience. 

Many dealers aren’t happy, and are fighting back. 

Dealers Respond to Vroom and Carvana Through Video

Here are 3 examples of dealers who have taken things into their own hands, and shot simple videos that combat the Vroom and Carvana messaging. 

Tips to Create Your Own Anti-Vroom Video

Not every dealer has the ability to drop a highly produced and expensive TV spot at the drop of hat. And even if you could, would it be the most effective?

Facebook and Instagram have become the go-to solution for businesses to reach their markets with a much more targeted and cost-effective strategy than traditional media.
And with Facebook and Instagram, there isn’t always a need to use over-produced media to grab auto shopper’s attention.

Some of the most successful videos that we are seeing from dealers are “native content,” meaning that they just look like a simple selfie video or something that you might “natively” see on your timeline; no need for all $$$ equipment.

Take a look at this example from Thonton Automotive Dover:

This video was simple to create, simple to edit, and reached over 58,000 shoppers in the dealer’s PMA.

With the average American spending 58 minutes per day scrolling through Facebook and Instagram, your dealership can create simple videos, get in front of your target audience, and combat the messages of companies like Vroom and Carvana to get auto shoppers back into your dealership.

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