Auto Dealer Guide To Unlocking Market Demand

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As dealers prepare for post-COVID-19 actions to help their local communities get back to work and back to normalcy, plans to unlock the market demand need to be put in place now.

Watch the video below for our Auto Dealer Guide to Unlocking Market Demand:

According to a survey conducted on March 28th, Cox Automotive found that 35% of auto intenders who were in-market to buy within the next 6 months were delaying their vehicle purchase due to COVID-19.

As state, local, and federal governments look to slowly start reopening the economy, pent up demand IS coming.

Now that tax season has been extended, almost $100B has been directly deposited into Americans’ bank accounts, and OEM incentives are higher than ever before, auto dealerships have the opportunity to help these shoppers buy sooner and maximize potential savings.


By proactively building audiences of auto-intenders who recently received tax refunds or stimulus checks, who own your brand, or have leases expiring, we can help you position you to be the first out of the gate to reach these local, in-market auto shoppers who have delayed a vehicle purchase.

Our latest COVID-19 Playbook, “Unlock Demand,” is designed to:

  • Stretch your ad dollars with precise data targeting on tax refund status, receipt of stimulus checks, make/model owners, and lease expirations.
  • Use a full-funnel Facebook & Instagram strategy to strategically show shoppers that now is the right time to purchase a vehicle.
  • Complement your Facebook strategy with ready-to-go retargeting banners, email campaigns, and YouTube videos for a complete, multi-touch campaign

We recommend dealers also leverage onsite tools such as Payment Calculator, Trade Evaluation, Credit Application, and Incentive pages by reaching and driving in-market consumers to these key tools on your site.

Are you ready and prepared to unlock shopper demand?
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Car shopper demand is coming.

Build a plan now

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