Dealers, You Can Now Track Your Exact Facebook Ad ROI: Introducing Sales Matchbacks For Facebook

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That’s right: Facebook just released Sales Matchback reports (officially called “Offline Conversions”), and with them, you can now easily track and measure sales driven from your dealership’s Facebook ads.

Welcome To The Next Level Of Tracking Facebook Ad ROI For Auto Dealers

You already know how frustrating and impossible measuring your exact ROI from your dealership’s marketing can be.

While some digital channels provide reporting aid, like call tracking for your Pay-Per-Click campaigns and Sales Matchbacks for your email marketing blasts…

…how do you track ROI for Facebook? How can you tell if Facebook is helping your dealership increase sales?

A line of code called a conversion pixel has already significantly helped dealers connect the dots between Facebook ads and their website traffic and conversions.

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But the pixel most benefits businesses who transact online (think Amazon and Dollar Shave Club): for them, a shopper clicks an ad, then completes a purchase on the website. Facebook drove the purchase. Done.

But how can companies who transact products OFFLINE accurately measure Facebook ad ROI? Like auto dealers?

That’s where new Offline Conversions come in. Here’s a quick rundown of how they work:

Offline Conversions Are Facebook’s Version of Sales Matchback Reports

If you’ve ever had your hands in conquest email marketing, your vendor/agency likely offered Sales Matchbacks to help you validate whether or not email was contributing to your bottom line.

A quick comparison between your dealership’s sales report and your email send list would show which contact records were “matched.”

Facebook’s Offline Conversions work in this exact same way. You can now run your sales report and customer list against Facebook’s data. This will show how many people who just purchased a vehicle also viewed your ad on Facebook.

Finally Answer The Question, “Do Facebook Ads Work For My Dealership?”

Say goodbye to guessing campaign trends and assuming that your ads are (or aren’t) working.

Using these “Facebook Sales Matchbacks,” you will know exactly which messages are driving the most showroom traffic and sales to help you choose and optimize your dealership’s future campaigns.

“Say goodbye to guessing campaign trends and assuming that your ads are (or aren’t) working.”

Notably, in our first trial with our Co-Founder’s store, Sarasota Ford, we were able to match 28 of their sales over the last 28 days to a Facebook ad.

I don’t know about you, but these first tests have our entire team more excited about Facebook ads than ever before. We’ve officially unlocked Offline Event reporting for each of our live dealers’ Facebook ad accounts.

(Want to start tracking YOUR dealership’s Facebook Ad ROI? You can get a 1:1 demo here.)

Thanks to these new Facebook Sales Matchbacks, dealers now have more evidence to support what we’ve been saying all along:

Facebook really does sell cars.

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