Dealers, We’re Using Facebook’s Brand New Ad Format To Drive VIN Leads Into Your CRM. Here’s How:

Mar 30, 2018 | Company and Events, Industry News

Dealers, are you tired of spending a huge portion of your ad budget on 3rd party leads? Do you find yourself wondering if they’re really working, but you’re suffering from FOMOS, (Fear Of Missing Out On Sales)? You’re not alone. Thankfully, Facebook’s newest ad format is the secret to generating more 1st party leads and sales for your dealership—and it’s so new, your competition doesn’t have their hands on it (yet!).

Most dealers are using Facebook Ads to reach car shoppers who spend ~46 minutes on their News Feeds per day.

…and if you’re one of them, then Facebook’s latest ad format is a really BIG DEAL.


There’s been a lot of talk in the auto industry about how dealers can drive 1st party leads…without spending a fortune.

And this is it.

Facebook’s newest ad format, dynamic ads for lead generation (officially released this week), can take your dealership from overpaying for lukewarm 3rd party leads to driving your own HOT ready-to-buy leads we know your team loves.

Want to know how your dealership can start using these ads NOW?

???? Introducing Facebook Inventory + VIN Lead Ads

Announcing new Facebook Inventory + VIN Lead Ads from Dealers United. They help drive 1st party, In-Market VIN-based leads right to your CRM from Facebook ads.

With this technology, dealers are generating their own traffic for ⅓ the cost they’re paying for 3rd party portals…

…are able to actually measure sales from their Facebook ads every month…

…AND are effectively moving their budgets from 3rd party to 1st party—without going backwards in cars sold!

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(Trust us when we say, you want to be first to market on this one!)

OK, clearly we’re excited 🙂

But let’s back up a little, and show you what makes these ads so powerful.

First, We Figured Out How To Integrate Inventory Feeds With Facebook

Have you seen these ads before?

Facebook Inventory Ads technology is what integrates a dealership’s inventory feed into Carousel and Collection Ads on Facebook in real-time.

They’re called Facebook Inventory Ads, a product we released last July to automatically get your live inventory to In-Market Shoppers on Facebook, eliminating pesky manual vehicle ads.

The technology has quickly become our dealer-members’ secret weapon when it comes to posting their inventory faster and smarter online.

But that was just the beginning.

(Interested in learning more about how Facebook Inventory Ads work? Click here.)

Next, We Built “The Trifecta”

The real fun started when Facebook told us they were working on something else behind-the-scenes…

A new ad format.

We already knew about product catalog ads (the foundation of our inventory ads technology), dynamic ads (that help us retarget with specific VINs viewed), and lead ads (which allow users to fill out forms right on Facebook).

But never all in one ad format.

So for the past few months, our dev team has been working closely with Facebook Automotive to build a “combination ad” that could do it ALL:

Now you can integrate vehicles into Facebook, dynamically retarget, and drive leads with just 1 ad.

Once we perfected converting submissions into ADF/XML format, we finally had it: Inventory Ads that could instantly drive VIN leads to any dealer’s CRM.

Here’s how they work:


Plus, each lead includes:

  • Prospect’s full name
  • Email
  • Phone number
  • VIN Detail

…and is added as an ADF/XML lead directly into your CRM, clearly tagged with the traffic source as “Dealers United” to help measure UPs and sales right from your sales reports.

Then, We Had Dealers Test (And Test, And Test, And Test) It.

Before this ad format could be released to the public, Facebook asked us to open up the Facebook Inventory + VIN Lead Ads program to a handful of “beta dealers” to test its full potential.

And we were all blown away by the results.

    In just 30 days…

  • Lake Chevy: 27 Leads; 3,532 VDP Views, $807 Ad Spend; 7 Vehicles Sold
  • Hub City Ford: 109 Leads; $18 Cost Per Lead; $1,925 Spend; 10 Vehicles Sold
  • Sarasota Ford: 173 Leads; 2,586 VDP Views, $3594 Spend; 13 Vehicles Sold
  • New Rochelle Hyundai: 140 Leads; $19 Cost Per Lead; 2505 Spend; 4153 VDP Views

The best part? It’s not just working for one dealer in one specific market.

Our Inventory Ads + VIN Leads program worked for ALL of the dealers on the beta program, and—more importantly—helped them shift their budgets away from relying on 3rd party leads.

This product is the pre-owned game changer everyone is looking for. The quality of customer we are seeing coming through the door is stronger than ever…a customer who is ready to buy. When everyone said we will have a terrible 2017 by getting rid of the endemic sites (platforms such as, AutoTrader, Edmunds, etc.) we instead watched our stores grow in volume and gross; all because we changed the conversation via Dealers United VIN Lead Ads.””


But here’s the catch:

The Catch: VIN Leads Were Just Released To EVERY Dealership In EVERY Market

As of March 28, 2018, the beta program is no more. Now any dealer can begin using our VIN Lead Ads program.

If you aren’t locked in already, you need to move fast.

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Did you see those results?!

We’re talking hundreds of leads and 10+ matched vehicle sales in just 1 month to Facebook Inventory + VIN Lead Ads.

That’s why we’re serious when we say you want to be the first to market.

The faster your dealership can move to secure VIN Leads, the faster you can capture your competitions’ leads and drive them into YOUR showroom, ultimately taking back control of your local market.

So if you’re ready to take back your inventory, your traffic, your leads, and ultimately—your backyard…

…give us a call 941-366-6760 or click here to request an invite to the Facebook Inventory + VIN Lead Ads program.

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