DU Just Attended The “Largest and Best Marketing Conference You’ve Never Heard Of” – Here’s The ONE Takeaway Your Dealership Can’t Miss

Mar 20, 2017 | Company and Events, Digital Marketing

Last weekend, four members of the DU team traveled to San Diego, CA to attend Traffic and Conversion Summit 2017. The conference catered to over 4,000 digital marketers and entrepreneurs dedicated to doing one thing: mastering the ever-changing digital landscape to scale their business. And since our team is relatively obsessed with helping dealerships nationwide do just that, we knew we couldn’t skip it. Here’s everything you need to know:

DU Just Attended the “Largest and Best Marketing Conference You’ve Never Heard of” - Here’s The ONE Takeaway Your Dealership Can’t Miss

Never Heard of Traffic & Conversion Summit?

You’re not alone.

In an article last year, Inc.com declared the Traffic and Conversion Summit (T&C Summit) “…the largest, and best, marketing event you’ve never heard of,” and after three coffee-fueled, no-breaks-for-lunch-or-you’ll-miss-something-amazing days, I’d have to agree.

The conference is hosted by the Co-Founder and CEO of DigitalMarketer, Ryan Deiss, and is jam-packed with sessions dedicated to sharing breakthrough marketing strategies.

R.D. is kind of like a god in digital marketing world, and all but impossible to get a minute alone with. Luckily, we were stuck in this elevator with him! 🙂  (Look closely and you can even see me in the far left!)

Basically, it’s every marketer’s dream conference, and every business owner’s secret formula to defeating their competition.

Watch this video by DigitalMarketer to get a firsthand look into this one-of-a-kind experience:

This year, there were over 76 sessions with insanely intelligent speakers sharing their strategies, including Ezra Firestone (CEO of Smart Marketer Inc.), Carlos Angel (GM at Uber) and Bonin Bough (Chief Media & eCommerce Officer at Mondelēz International – formerly Kraft Foods).

LEFT: A snapshot featuring a few of 76+ total sessions at the summit. RIGHT: Ezra Firestone helps us uncover the key to connecting with customers on ecommerce and digital platforms.

Get 4,200+ thousand digital marketing nuts and entrepreneurs together and you’re bound to leave with hundreds of new ideas, an incredibly cramped wrist, and of course, some sweet photos…

#DMLab party at #TCS2017 #360 #TeamDU – Spherical Image – RICOH THETA

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#TeamDU takes over San Diego and #TCS2017 @DealersUnited – Spherical Image – RICOH THETA

…but as Ryan Deiss said, knowing exactly what you want to accomplish before you leave a conference and get back to the “real world” is the difference between leaving with great memories and leaving with results.

How We Used A “One Thing” Frame of Mind To Get Actionable Results From #T&CS2017

Does this sound familiar?

You attend a 3-day conference where your mind gets blown over and over again by things like Facebook chat bots and 300+ marketing tools. You can’t wait to get started on what you learn, but…

Your left with more of a rough blueprint of what to do instead of a ready-to-go attack plan. How can you get a clear focus?

It’s easy. Just pick ONE thing to focus on.

Gary Keller’s book, “The One Thing” is a must-read around the DU office. It helps any business prioritize ONE action item over all the others to deliver “extraordinary results.”

Image – The ONE Thing

And it was this mentality that gave our team the ability to not only leave with a clear idea of what we wanted to work on as soon as we got back to our office; we also walked away with the one takeaway from T&CS17 we NEEDED to share with your dealership.

Here It Is: THE ONE THING Your Dealership Needs To Know From Traffic and Conversion Summit 2017

If there was one core foundation of every speaker’s message – every keynote, tool, and strategy – it was re-evaluating the answer to a very simple question:

Why and for whom do we run our businesses?

We’re so caught up in talking about B2B and B2C that we often forget that at the end of all of our efforts is one commonality—actual people!

In his keynote, Co-Founder Ryan Deiss, said “The future belongs to the companies who are willing to invest in real, 1-to-1, human-to-human interactions…

He reminded us all that our dealerships and our employees are made up of people – that our goal should be to start a conversation—not close a sale.

It’s not a new concept, but it’s definitely a forgotten one. He coined the idea “H2H” interaction.

Human-2-Human (H2H) Interaction: the idea of re-integrating real, 1:1 human, user-focused experiences into our systems, strategies, and successes.

And it’s time to start using the idea to change the way your dealership sells and retains customers.

Here are some key things to consider when implementing H2H at your dealership:

  • Humans have conversations. Are you provoking real, human conversations with your customers in your dealership’s marketing and sales tracks?
  • Humans make up your community. How are you providing excellent experiences for your customers and creating a community online—not simply an audience?
  • Humans make up your team. Are you investing in your team’s education and success?
  • Humans are moved by stories. What story is your dealership telling, and who’s the hero in the story: you or your customer?
  • Humans have real experiences. Are you using tools to understand how people are actually finding your dealership and interacting with your website and inventory?
  • Humans’ date nights don’t end after marriage. Are you providing the best experiences for your customers even after the sale?

While the H2H concept is way bigger than any one tool or strategy, I have a good idea of how your dealership can start – (HINT, it starts with “Face” and ends in “Book.”)

And heads up, we just started testing something BRAND NEW and absolutely freaking AWESOME that we just learned from T&CS. We’re adding it to existing accounts for FREE (for now!), so don’t miss out.

Stay tuned for our results…

Did you go to T&CS2017 or another conference recently? What did you takeaway as your ONE thing and what are you working on RIGHT now to improve your business? Share below!

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