Facebook Marketplace Automation Discontinued! How Your Dealership Can Continue To Post Your Inventory

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Facebook recently announced that they will be discontinuing the distribution of automated inventory catalog listings on Facebook Marketplace.  

This Marketplace change took effect on September 13th, 2021.

What does this mean for auto dealers?

This means that dealers will no longer be able to bulk-upload their used inventory feed to Facebook Marketplace.

But even though automated Facebook Marketplace listings are being discontinued, the ability to list vehicles manually on Marketplace will remain unchanged.

However, without syndication, managing inventory on Facebook will be a daunting task…

PLUS, if their inventory goes unposted, dealerships risk losing exposure to the more than 20 MILLION monthly auto shoppers on Marketplace! 

But we’ve got a solution!

To try and make the impossible seem possible, we’ve been hard at work building a new Facebook Marketplace solution, where dealers can easily identify listings that need posted, updated, or removed.

So, what is the solution?

Continue to post to Facebook Marketplace faster and with more accuracy using Dealers United’s new Facebook Marketplace Management Tool!

While this solution still requires that all listings are done manually from your team, our Facebook Marketplace Management Tool is guaranteed to save you time by providing a “To-Do List” that will:

  1. Make it easy for you to compare current inventory to what is on Marketplace
  2. Identify listings with inaccurate or outdated information (like if a price changes)
  3. Display actionable information for listings that need information added, updated, or removed

Check out how it works!

And you’ve got options…

Here are some options that your dealership may choose to pursue after the deprecation of Marketplace automated listings:

  1. Facebook AIA Consolidation – If you are running Automotive Inventory Ads with multiple vendors, choose ONE. Facebook recommends one catalog per dealer, so attribution is based on the catalog not the dealer. This helps you understand the specific metrics from your Facebook advertising. Remember, vendors can share your existing catalog, putting YOU in control!
  2.  Start posting your vehicles – Activate our Facebook Marketplace Management Tool to get your pre-owned vehicles back in the hands of millions of active shoppers.
  3. Lead Management – Once your vehicles are re-posted to Marketplace activate our MessengerBot and Call Tracking add-on to turn inquiries into CRM leads!
  4. Consider Automotive Inventory Ads (AIA) – Now that you are using our Facebook Marketplace Management Tool, you are only a few clicks away from proactively delivering your inventory of both New & Pre-Owned vehicles, in real-time, to in-market shoppers!  AIA is always on and can further leverage the MessengerBot & Call Tracking options for Marketplace.

How Can We Help?

We use Facebook & Instagram to solve dealership’s business challenges!

Dealers United has been at the forefront of Facebook Solutions for automotive dealers and has been working closely with our Facebook team to ensure that the removal of automated vehicle listings catalogs will not derail our dealer’s goals or inventory visibility.

Through our years of experience with Facebook for automotive we know what inventory strategies work!

To discuss how we can help your dealership further, click here get in touch with our marketing experts today!

Manage vehicles on Facebook Marketplace after listings are discontinued.

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