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This month’s issue of DEALER Magazine published a Facebook Q&A series about helping dealers leverage digital video.

In the Q&A, Facebook highlighted Dealers United for our successes with video campaigns in the automotive industry. Two Dealers United dealer-partners, Power Ford and Rob Sight Ford, were also featured in the article for maximizing our video strategies and using video to drive real business results.

Video is important. We hear it all the time. But did you know that 80% of all internet traffic is estimated to be from video content, and 500 million people watch videos on Facebook every single day?

But not only is video important, but it’s important to have in the correct format.

According to Facebook, the average adult spends 40 minutes consuming video from mobile devices alone. 

So what does it mean to optimize a video for mobile?

Here are the steps needed to ensure your dealership has an optimized video, according to Facebook’s “Mobile First Creative Best Practices:”

  • Shoot with the phone vertically, so it fits into mobile screens held right-side up
  • Reinforce the your dealership name in captions or superimposed text
  • Use the majority of the video to showcase the dealership, inventory, or offers
  • Choose attention-grabbing video thumbnails

Power Ford and Rob Sight Ford, both family owned single-point franchises, were both featured by Facebook in the article for utilizing these Mobile First Best Creative Practices.

Here’s a look inside each dealership’s strategy: 

A closer look at Power Ford’s Facebook video strategy

In Q4 of 2019, Power Ford was able to attribute 21 sales and 127 service visits to Facebook video campaigns alone.

Using dealership branding videos, model line videos, and custom Quick Lane service videos, the dealership was able to target and engage with their future customers where they were spending their time, on mobile devices browsing Facebook and Instagram.


To get more insight into Power Ford’s video campaigns, click here to see “The 3 Biggest Facebook Even Advanced Dealer Marketers Are Making,” where Matt Sneed, Director of Marketing and Customer Experience at Power Ford reveals his core video strategies that help him increase sales.

Behind-the-scenes on Rob Sight’s Facebook video strategy

Rob Sight Ford operates in an extremely competitive market where there are over 10 Ford dealerships.

Using mobile video on Facebook and Instagram, Rob Sight was able to use their own creative branding videos to get exposure in their marketplace.

In addition to branding, the dealership also leveraged video to showcase model line incentives, specifically 2020 F-150s.

As a result of video campaigns, Rob Sight Ford attributed 7 vehicle sales in Q4 of 2019.

To see an in-depth feature of Rob Sight Ford’s video strategy, click here.


With more and more people using social media daily, it’s important that your dealership is reaching prospective shoppers proactively where they are spending their time and with media forms that they are engaging with most—video.

Our team has hundreds of video strategies that your dealership can take advantage of right now, from custom-video scripts and best practices, to proven, mobile-ready videos of your incentives and inventory specials.

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