Game-Changer: New Monthly Payments Will Transform Dealer Craigslist Ads Forever

Mar 23, 2017 | Sales and BDC

This year alone, an estimated 3.6 million vehicles are expected to come off-lease and return to the market nationwide. That’s a HUGE number—is your dealership set up with the right strategy to push your CPO inventory?

With so many pre-owned vehicles ready to move, it’s no surprise automotive dealers across the country are turning to Craigslist and other 3rd party sites for help.

But is your dealership posting strategically and taking the customer’s journey into account to make sure your ads MOVE METAL?

How The Consumer Journey Influences Used Vehicle Sales

We’ve said it before: shoppers who are browsing sites like Craigslist are generally further down in the buying funnel compared to other vehicle shoppers.

Why does this matter?

Per the 5 moments that take place in an auto buyer’s journey, this means they are in the 3rd, “can-I afford-it” stage and thinking along the lines of, “Can I really afford this?”

And you better believe at this stage, they aren’t looking at the full vehicle price. They’re considering their monthly payment.

Start typing in “monthly payment” into Google and the auto response feature will fill in the top hits. (Notice “monthly car payment calculator” at #1.)
NADA found that most In-Market auto shoppers are “payment buyers” and are considering, “How does this vehicle fit into my monthly expenses?”

That’s why automotive sites like AutoTrader and real estate sites like Zillow have payment calculators baked in. They’re making it as effortless as possible for the customer to see if the price is right for their lifestyle.

Why, then, aren’t there automated listing solutions that easily break down monthly payments for dealers?

Oh, wait.

Introducing Craigslist Monthly Payments Through Dealers United

Our latest platform upgrade has the DU team seriously excited.

Image: Giphy

Our brand new Craigslist Monthly Payment Generator takes your price per thousand calculation, then uses a unique formula to break down the monthly payment based on full price for every pre-owned vehicle you post.


But trust us—just because it’s possible, doesn’t mean that all vendors are capable of doing it.

So ask yourself – are your current Craigslist ads appealing to your targeted consumer base?

If not, it might be the reason your pre-owned inventory is hanging around the lot longer than you’d like.

Wrap Up: Help Your Customers Make A Quicker Buying Decision By Breaking Down Monthly Payments FOR Them

It’s pretty simple.

With so much buzz around pre-owned inventory (it is, after all, an INSTANT revenue generator), your dealership needs to do everything in its power to turn those old leases into revenue FAST.

To do this, ensure your dealership’s marketing messages and listings are useful for your customers. Your ads need to give the customers what they want…how they want it…when they want it.

And right now, what they want is your vehicle prices presented as monthly payments.

Call us at 941-366-6760 or reach us at [email protected] to learn more about how our unique monthly payments feature can help turn your used inventory quicker.

Blog Author - Cara Lane

Written By Cara Lane
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