[ANSWERED] How Dealers Can Post Vehicles Into Facebook Marketplace For Free

Nov 2, 2018 | Sales and BDC, Social Media

Facebook is changing the automotive classifieds listing landscape with their new platform, Facebook Marketplace. Keep reading to learn why you should list your inventory on Marketplace, how Marketplace stacks up against other classifieds players, and the answer to the question: How to post vehicles into Facebook Marketplace for free!

For the past few months, Facebook Marketplace has been gaining attention in the automotive space. Many dealerships are asking: “What is Marketplace?” “How can we get in it?” “What does it cost?”

First, if you don’t already know about Facebook Marketplace, here are 3 key points you should consider before 2019:

Top 3 Reasons Dealers Should Post To Facebook Marketplace

1. More and more car shoppers are using Marketplace

Facebook has made massive investments in their Automotive team and worked hard to improve community support products like Marketplace.

Today, Marketplace is helping thousands of car dealers connect with 800 million active shoppers.

In a recent quarterly update, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg highlighted future goals for Facebook and Instagram, and made it clear that the automotive industry should not overlook the platform as an advertising solution.

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2. Facebook Marketplace drives leads

Most third party marketplaces offer email, phone, or some type of (clunky) “real-time” chat service.

What’s unique to Marketplace is that it starts conversations about your inventory with a potential buyer on an effective, familiar messaging service.

These leads are real people, in your area, and are usually ready to set an appointment. Hear from Michael Renaud, VP of Leader Automotive Group about how Facebook Marketplace helps his dealership sell more cars:


The real question in 2019 is: Can you afford to NOT list your inventory on Facebook Marketplace?

3. Facebook Marketplace is *technically* FREE

A key benefit of Marketplace is unlimited, free listings.

Facebook has streamlined the feed integration process and recruited approved Facebook Inventory Partners (like Dealers United) for dealers to easily list their vehicles. (To see Facebook’s article on approved Marketplace Inventory Partners, click here.)

On the other hand, with other platforms, listing a high volume of vehicles can lead to complications or higher listing costs.

Below you will find a table listing other automotive classifieds platforms in a side-by-side feature analysis. All comparisons were made using the most affordable packages.

As you can see, Facebook Marketplace is the clear winner.

[ANSWERED] How To Post Vehicles Into Facebook Marketplace For Free

Facebook intended for Marketplace to be a FREE community tool. They do NOT allow Marketplace Inventory Partners to charge per post or per lead.

In fact, on their Help Page, Facebook states: “We don’t charge to list inventory on Marketplace, but keep in mind that there may be fees to work with our partners.”

But while most Inventory Partners are packaging this listing service with pricey mandatory upsells or bundles, we require just $100/month to sync your inventory to Facebook and help you list vehicles on Facebook Marketplace at no additional charge.

The “$100 Syndication Fee” covers pulling your inventory feed data, standardizing and formatting the feed according to Facebook’s guidelines, creating an automotive catalog for your dealership within Facebook, and then syncing that through the Facebook Marketplace API.

Ready to sync your vehicle inventory to Facebook for $100/mo & post to Facebook Marketplace FREE? Click here to see if you qualify!

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