Launch Your Dealership To The Very Top of The News Feed With Facebook See First

Jul 31, 2015 | Social Media

Since Facebook’s latest algorithm update, users haven’t been exactly thrilled with their News Feeds. In fact, more users than ever are claiming that the posts they see are irrelevant and disinteresting, and the posts that they want are lost in an endless abyss of useless clutter.

That’s why Facebook created “See First,” a feature that gives users the ability to choose which posts show at the top of their News Feed. This tool is great for users, but potentially very bad for dealerships: your customers can just as easily filter out your posts altogether.

Launch Your Dealership To The Top Of The News Feed With See First

What does Facebook See First mean for dealers?

Now that users have more control over content, See First poses a threat to your dealership’s current reach on Facebook. Not only will your Page updates be moved further down the News Feed stream, but your Page can also be “Unfollowed,” which means anyone who has Liked or Followed you in the past can elect to stop seeing your posts.

So far, Facebook See First is only tailored to the mobile app for iOS, but Facebook promises to roll it out to Android and desktop soon. To explore the feature first-hand, tap the “More” icon in the bottom right corner of your Facebook mobile app, select “Settings,” and look for “News Feed Preferences.”)

Facebook See First Unfollow and Prioritize For Auto Dealers

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It’s up to you to turn this threat into an opportunity. If you can convince your customers to Prioritize your dealership’s posts in their News Feed, you will achieve every marketer’s dream: a dedicated following of users who have opted to see your posts, your products, and—more importantly, your brand—every time they visit Facebook.

Without further ado, here’s how to get your dealership to the top of the News Feed:

1. Don’t even bother asking to be given the spotlight until you prove that you deserve it

No matter how much you beg your current followers, they will not Prioritize you until they trust you and believe that you can offer them value. Prove your dealership is trustworthy by ensuring your Business ratings are high and any customer comments (good and bad!) are swiftly replied to. Then, prove that your posts and Page offer value by intertwining customer-centered content and elements of customer service into your updates.

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Prove your dealership’s FB Page offers value by offering customer-centered content in your updates.
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2. Give users a really good reason why they should Prioritize you

Like it or not, your customers need to get something out of your posts before they even consider moving you to the top of their News Feed. (Why else would they choose a business’ post over their friends’?) Convince your customers to Prioritize you by offering discounts and giveaways that they can snag only by following your Facebook posts.
This is the time to get creative with your incentives and Facebook campaigns!

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To get customers to Prioritize your dealership in the News Feed, give them exclusive offers in your FB posts.
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3. Tell users how to add you to their See First

Don’t expect Facebook users to already know how to Prioritize your posts—it’s a brand new feature! When launching campaigns to tempt users to add you to their See First list, be sure to provide a walk-through to help them do it. Offer step-by-step instructions on your campaign’s Facebook post, bring them to a landing page that you control, or embed Facebook’s handy video:

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4. Keep users happy by engaging them, not annoying them

Once you’ve won your customers over and convinced them to Prioritize you, make sure you stay on their good side. If you annoy or spam your customers once they’ve given you prime real estate on their News Feed, you will risk them Unfollowing you and ignoring your content altogether.

To prevent this from happening, try:

  • thinking like the customer and posting content you would elect to “see first” from local businesses on your News Feed
  • adding fun-oriented, insightful, inspiring, or highly relevant content around and in-between your incentive campaigns
  • setting clear expectations about how often you will post, and how many of those posts will be around the incentives that convinced your customers to Prioritize you in the first place.

The number one social media platform is evolving. Fast. Your dealership’s success with Facebook depends on your ability to adapt and evolve alongside it.

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