[JUST RELEASED] Oracle Data Cloud Names Dealers United 1 of 9 First Auto Elite Data Marketers

Feb 22, 2018 | Company and Events, Digital Marketing

On February 21, 2018, Oracle announced that Dealers United was 1 of 9 leading Tier 3 auto marketing agencies to receive Oracle Data Cloud’s Auto Elite Data Marketer (EDM) designation after completing their comprehensive program.

The program was created in order to help automotive agencies leverage the power of digital data and “will help agencies effectively allocate their marketing resources as advertising budgets shift from offline media to digital platforms.”

As Elite Automotive Marketers, Dealers United has access to unique automotive targeting insights, model line shopper data, and even transactional data like parts and service shoppers.

Read the full press release here.

Who Is Oracle Data Cloud?

Oracle Data Cloud is a team of data experts that leverage more than $5 trillion in consumer transaction data and more than five billion global IDs to connect auto dealers with the right people.

Key word: “people.” Real people—not just cookies or users.

Oracle uses third party relationships with TransUnion, MasterCard, IHS Automotive data and more to specifically help auto dealers detect when shoppers are “In-Market” (or signaling a readiness to purchase).

WHO IS ORACLE DATA CLOUD? Oracle provides the only automotive data available for public access in Facebook Ad’s Manager.

While their data can be used across pay-per-click and display advertising, they provide the only automotive data available for public access in Facebook’s Ad Manager, making them a leader in the social advertising landscape.

Oracle Data Cloud is trusted by every OEM, top dealer groups, and Elite Automotive Partners.

How Dealers United and Oracle Data Cloud Help Auto Dealers Reach Shoppers At The Right Time

Pete Petersen, CEO of Dealers United, has always noted the importance of using actionable data to get the right vehicles in front of the right shoppers – at the right time.

That’s why over the past 3 years, Dealers United has worked closely with Facebook’s Automotive sector to help auto dealers drive more 1st party sales and service opportunities directly to their dealerships with Facebook.

With over 214 million active users on Facebook in the U.S., and each user spending an average 50 minutes per day scrolling through their News Feeds, it was clear Facebook had a lot of potential for advertisers.

But out of the box, Facebook only allows dealers and automotive agencies to target the most basic In-Market data, such as “Used Sedan Shoppers” or “All Lease Owners.”

Now, Oracle’s additional automotive data has given dealerships a unique toolkit.

Through the partnership, Dealers United members are now able to access Oracle’s “hidden” automotive data within Facebook, as well as insights and targeting ideas to how best use that data.

Together, with Oracle Data Cloud’s data targeting, Facebook’s ad platform, and a dealer-focused strategy behind it all, auto dealers are able to achieve powerful results.

WANT FACEBOOK & ORACLE’S MOST POWERFUL AUTOMOTIVE CAMPAIGNS? In December, we hosted a live webinar event with Facebook Automotive and Oracle Data Cloud where experts from each company shared their top campaign ideas. You can catch the recording of the webinar here.

What Data Can Your Dealership Unlock With Oracle + Dealers United?

From Oracle’s “hidden” data within Facebook’s ad platform, there are 4 Core Auto Audiences that every dealership should unlock in order to own their local market:

(NOTE: Line items with ** are only accessible via an Oracle Data Cloud partner. Click here to request access.)

1. In-Market Audiences

  • New shoppers by vehicle make (i.e., Ford)
  • Used shoppers (Body style, i.e., “sedan”)
  • Buy or Lease
  • New shoppers by model line, 110+ models (i.e., Ford Fusion)**
  • Used shoppers by Make (i.e., Ford)**
  • 2. Owner Audiences

    • Owners of Body style, Make, Vehicle Age, Vehicle price, Time since purchase
  • Owners by model line, 110+ models**
  • 3. Finance & Credit Audiences

    • Income ranges
  • Loan customers (In-Market or with open auto loans)**
  • Auto insurance customers**
  • Credit score tiers**
  • Use Oracle’s credit score tiers to show shoppers with different credit levels different ads, vehicle inventory, and more.

    4. Parts & Service Audiences

    • Owners who likely need service
  • Buyers of Dealer service**
  • Visitors of independent service shops**
  • Buyers of parts and accessories**
  • Buyers of Service and repair**
  • Buyers of tires**
  • Proven Dealership Success With Dealers United and Oracle Data Cloud

    More and more dealers are unlocking Facebook’s full potential with Oracle’s hidden automotive data and Dealers United’s proven Tier III campaign strategies.

    Plus, through Facebook’s Offline Conversion Events (otherwise known as sales matchbacks), Dealers United is also helping auto dealers measure actual sales from their Facebook campaigns.

    And the results simply don’t lie:

    Is your dealership ready to unlock the power of Oracle Data Cloud + Dealers United?

    It all starts with identifying the total number of In-Market Shoppers near you.

    Tell the DU Team you want the data and we’ll help you identify how many In-Market Shoppers your dealership can start reaching with more powerful data right now.

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