Power Ford + Dealers United Featured In Automotive News For Success With Facebook Advertising

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 🎉  Congratulations Matt & Rob @ Power Ford! We are so inspired by your vision and success, and look forward to many more amazing things ahead. 

Dealers United’s dealer-partner, Power Ford, was featured in the June 15th edition of Automotive News’ for their success with Facebook ads. 

For the month of May, Power Ford was able to attribute more than 50% of their total sales to a shopper who either viewed or clicked one of their ads on Facebook or Instagram. 

Click here to read the full article featured in Automotive News, “Facebook ads help grow dealership’s sales”!

New management, new strategy

According to the article, Power Ford changed management in 2017, and the new owners embraced the idea that they had to do things differently in order to get different results. 

They cut hundreds of thousands of dollars in ad spend on traditional mediums like Google Ads and 3rd party leads, and instead began investing more into Facebook’s platform. 

The dealership believed that Facebook was the perfect platform for them to get out in front of the right audiences and reach them with unique, targeted messages.

In October 2017, Power Ford partnered with Dealers United to implement a full-funnel Facebook strategy which included automotive inventory ads, new car ads, and custom dealership branding ads. 


Since transitioning to Facebook advertising with Dealers United, Power Ford’s results “have been impressive.” 

From 2018-2019, Power Ford cut their overall advertising spend by 21% YoY and simultaneously increased their new car sales by 8% YoY. Meanwhile, the new car market in Albuquerque, New Mexico decreased by 3.2%. 

Our favorite stat? The dealership has won the title of the #1 Ford dealership in New Mexico 7 times in the last 24 months, a title previously held by the same dealership for 28 straight years!

More sales with less spend, even in unpredictable 2020

As most dealerships know, 2020 has not been the kindest year so far in terms of car sales. 

But in spite of this, Power Ford has continued to increase sales and spend less on ads.


Power Ford’s success during these challenging past few months cannot be attributed to one factor alone, but from 2019-2020, one thing is clear: Power Ford continued to invest more into Facebook.

In early 2020, the dealership shifted 15% of their traditional spend to Facebook Ads. After the shift, Facebook comprised 46% of their overall media plan. 

Comparing a 5 month window YOY (January through May, 2019-2020), this totals a whopping 131% YOY increase in Facebook Ads investment! 

Matt Sneed, Director of Marketing and Customer Experience, Power Ford
“Facebook Ads have helped us decrease our traditional media spend and become more profitable than ever,” said Matt Sneed, Director of Marketing at Power Ford. “Since investing into Facebook Ads with Dealers United, we’ve continued to perform above Albuquerque’s new vehicle market by double digits. Even throughout these challenging past months, we’ve been able to reduce our ad spend by 30% and outperform the new Ford market in Albuquerque by 10%. Plus, we saved $70,000 on radio and invested more into Facebook instead, and our leads did not go away. The results we’ve seen from Facebook have forever changed our perspective on advertising.”

The dealership also noticed a higher number of sales matched to their Facebook efforts.

The percentage of total unit sales attributed to Facebook Ads (through Facebook’s Offline Conversion Events) leaped from 22% in 2019 to 41% in 2020. Plus, Power Ford has been able to use their Ford Co-Op dollars and achieve a negative cost per new car sold. 

In total, Power Ford is seeing a 28% YoY increase in dealer profits so far this year, all while saving 30% in total advertising costs.

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