[PRESS RELEASE] Hub City Ford Marks 3rd Dealers United Customer to Be Featured by Facebook Business

May 1, 2018 | Company and Events, Industry News

SARASOTA, Fla., April 18, 2018 (Newswire.com) — Facebook Business just released a new automotive success story featuring Hub City Ford, signifying the 3rd customer of Dealers United, a digital solutions provider for auto dealers, to be published by the site.

Since April of last year, two other Dealers United customers, Sarasota Ford and Shelor Motor Mile, have also been published.

(Visit this page to access all 3 Facebook Success Stories.)

Dealers United earns 3rd Facebook Business success story

To earn the spotlight, each dealership teamed up with Dealers United to build a custom strategy combining In-Market data targeting, strategic ad formats, and relevant messaging specific to their store’s objectives.

For example, Shelor Motor Mile unlocked Dealers United’s program to easily sync its used inventory with Facebook’s dynamic ad formats in order to generate more pre-owned sales.

“The most exciting thing about our campaign was that we could expose a huge amount of our inventory to a large audience for a very economical cost,” said Shelor Motor Mile’s Internet Manager, Ken Neel. “Facebook’s dynamic ads gave us a medium to present our inventory and tell our story.”

The dealership was able to match 92 vehicle sales to its Facebook ads in 30 days according to the Facebook Success Story.

But Shelor Motor Miles’ stats aren’t surprising to Dealers United.

The company has focused the last 3 years on helping auto dealers use Facebook’s platform to generate measurable sales activity instead of “Likes.”

The most exciting thing about our campaign was that we could expose a huge amount of our inventory to a large audience…”

— Ken Neel, Internet Manager at Shelor Motor Mile

In fact, their team has worked directly with Facebook’s Automotive team to occasionally build and test new ad formats and strategies.

These include new dynamic ads for lead generation, which Dealers United Members like Hub City Ford could beta test until the format was publicly announced in March 2018.

Using Dealers United’s inventory ads, Hub City Ford retargeted its Vehicle Details Page visitors with cars they previously viewed.

Then, through the dynamic lead ad format, they captured lead information in the News Feed and sent 154 leads directly into their CRM.


(Want to try VIN-specific lead ads? Click here.)

Dealers United CEO, Pete Petersen, says the new format is just one of the many ways the company is helping auto dealers depend less on 3rd party leads and instead move to a targeted, 1st party digital approach.

“With Facebook, we’re making it easy for dealers to target the right shoppers at the right time, with the right vehicles,” said Petersen. “Plus, dealers are able to track sales to their campaigns, so they can see that what they’re doing is actually working.”

The company’s 3 customer success stories illustrate how powerful Facebook ads for auto dealers have become and predict how they will continue to evolve.

To access all of the success stories, visit www.dealersunited.com/resource/access-3-dealers-success-stories-featured-facebook-business/

To learn more about Dealers United’s Facebook Ads programs, please visit www.dealersunited.com/inventory-ads

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