Webinar: How Facebook Ads Helped Sarasota Ford Increase Sales

WEBINAR – Learn How Facebook Ads Helped Sarasota Ford Increase Sales by 47%

The recording of the webinar with Christian Ziegler


Go inside the Facebook Advertising account for Sarasota Ford and see how they use Facebook’s user data to target, message, and convert Facebook users into 1st party dealership leads.

You will learn:

  • Ways to target consumers and automotive shoppers on Facebook
  • How to drive local In-Market Auto Shoppers to your website inventory
  • Why Facebook Advertising needs to be part of your 2016 digital marketing strategy

Duration: 30 minutes
Level: Getting Started

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About The Speaker

Christian Ziegler, COO of Dealers United

Christian has a long history of overseeing digital marketing advertising campaigns and social media management efforts. Before jumping into the automotive industry, Christian directed digital efforts at all levels of politics – from presidential campaigns to local level races – and he was one of the first social media experts work on Capitol Hill. Since helping to launch Dealers United in 2011, Christian has been laser focused on and passionate about helping our dealer members dominate their market online.


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