Quick Tip: Crazy Simple Way To Get Engaged Facebook Users To Like Your Dealership FB Page (VIDEO)

Jul 8, 2016 | Social Media

Engaged Facebook users are more likely to Comment, Like, and Share content, and ultimately be real, public “fans” of your dealership. But who is an engaged user, and how can you get them to “Like” your dealership so they can continue interacting with your content?

As of 2012, only a fraction of a Page’s Facebook fans — 16% on average — see that Page’s posts in their News Feeds. And that percentage has only gotten smaller since. (Remember: Facebook now wants you to advertise with awesome content to get your dealership in front of its customers.)

Today Facebook’s algorithm seeks to show users what they actually want to see.

A user’s engagement with specific content = more of the same content being served to that user in the News Feed.

This means you need to take advantage of your truly engaged followers, or real fans. These users will actually SEE your posts and can offer your dealership credibility, give your ads more organic reach, and give you insight into what makes your closest customers tick.

Watch: How To Get Tons of New Engaged Users To Like Your Dealership’s Facebook Page:


This simple trick will not only increase your Page Likes, but give you engaged Likes from REAL fans who are more likely to “Like” your content in the future! In fact, some Page Administrators are seeing about a 20% conversion rate.

Step-by-Step Text Guide

1. On your Facebook Page, go to any post.

If you’re using Facebook Advertising, you can also go into your Ad Manager and go to any ad.

2. Click on the names under the post “…and 8 others”


3. Click “Invite” next to each individual name

How else are you getting your dealership in front of shoppers who you know are already interested in your brand? Let me know in the comments below.

Blog Author - Christian Ziegler

Written By Christian Ziegler
Christian is the COO of Dealers United and our resident Facebook nerd. He moonlights as Sarasota's State Committeeman and an all-star dad of two little girls (wish him luck)!

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