Samoa Motors Lands Facebook Business Published Success Story

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 🎉 Congratulations to Alby and the Samoa Motors team on a well-earned Success Story that’s been a long time coming!

Samoa Motors, a Ford dealership and Dealers United partner located on the Pacific island of American Samoa, was featured by Facebook Business for their successes driving record leads and sales using Facebook Ads. 

View Samoa Motor’s published story live on Facebook Business here.

Samoa Motors: Connecting An Island With Facebook

Due to their remote location, advertising options for Samoa Motors were previously limited in to radio, event sponsorship, and word of mouth.

As their need to drive more website traffic and generate more leads became more prevalent, the dealership began the search for a new, innovative way to get their inventory in front of in-market auto shoppers.

That’s when they partnered with Dealers United, and we worked together to get the dealership’s live inventory and offers out in front of their community using Facebook and Instagram.
Using Facebook’s Broad Audience Targeting and their own custom audiences of users who were most likely to be in-market for a new or used vehicle, Samoa Motors reached over 26,000 shoppers on their island in just two months!

After driving so much traffic to their site, Samoa Motors also launched a retargeting strategy. They used Facebook to deliver exact vehicles viewed (plus similar models in the same price range), to shoppers until they either purchased or converted on a lead form.

These retargeted shoppers were also given the option to submit their information as a lead without ever having to leave the Facebook platform. 

Then leads were immediately placed into the dealership’s CRM, showing the VIN of the vehicle they were interested in and whether they were interested in financing, availability, more information, or a test drive. 


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One Month To Record Leads And Sales

After only one month advertising on Facebook to their local community, the dealership began generating more leads than ever before, and had sold so many units, they actually broke the record for the most units sold on their entire island.

“It’s mind blowing how our traffic increased from 40 leads a week to a 100 in 2 days. We sold 50 units this month and it never happened on this island…We just set a new record.”

— Alby Lee, Marketing Manager, Samoa Motors

As their campaigns and audiences continued to scale based on Facebook’s learning algorithm, they only continued to drive success on the platform.

The store captured 97 On-Facebook Leads for a rock-bottom price of $1.76 Cost Per Lead, supplemented by another 53 leads submitted on their site!

This higher volume of interested, low-funnel leads allowed the dealership to sell more units, ultimately attributing 30 unit sales to Facebook campaigns, achieving an unbelievable 25X return on ad spend!

To read more about Samoa Motors incredible success, click here to read the story on Facebook Business.

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