Stellantis Omnisocial Ad Strategy: Behind-The-Scenes of South County DCJR Dealership Case Study

Stellantis Omnisocial Ad Strategy: Behind-The-Scenes of South County DCJR Dealership Case Study

Stellantis Omnisocial Ad Strategy: Behind-The-Scenes of South County DCJR Dealership Case Study

In this video, we break down the strategy behind the results of our latest Dealership Case Study for South County Dodge Chrysler Jeep Ram and how they used an Omnisocial ad strategy to 10X their results!

Watch the video below or download the PDF here!

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Behind-The-Scenes ???? With South County Dodge Chrysler Jeep Ram: 

South County DCJR is located in St. Louis, MO, and have been in the same location since 1965. We have had the pleasure of working with our partners Allen Masengil, GM, Mike Chorba, Sales and Finance Manager, and Ashley Etheridge, BDC Director since 2020. 

Collectively, this is a team that believes in innovation, testing new strategies, and the power behind social media — in other words, one of our favorite Dealers United Partners! 

Creating a Full-Funnel, Omnisocial Strategy

South County DCJR wanted to dominate their market and competition, and an Omnisocial strategy was the perfect solution.

Omnisocial, or omnichannel, refers to a multi-platform advertising strategy that works to provide a seamless customer experience; no matter where a shopper is spending time. This approach delivers the next relevant message at the right time in the auto buyer journey, on the platform where they are spending time NOW.

What separates an average Omnisocial campaign from a top-performing one is a full-funnel strategy. Specifically, leveraging different ad types intentionally, with thoughtful messaging that coincide with the mindset and stage of the auto buyer journey.

South County DCJR worked with Dealers United to develop messaging for Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Snapchat, and TikTok that would diversify as shoppers went through different stages of the buyer journey (awareness, consideration, and conversion).

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Here’s a deeper dive into their results between January 1st, 2023 – March 31st, 2023:

South County Dodge Chrysler Jeep Ram: Social Ads Case Study Results

Facebook & Instagram (Meta):

Meta is a staple in South County DCJR’s Omnisocial strategy for every stage of the buyer journey. With a powerhouse of 251M monthly active users in the US, Meta remains the most widely used social platform today, and typically drives the highest KPIs for the lowest costs. One specific strategy South County DCJR runs on Facebook and Instagram is promoting their new 2023 Stellantis model lines.


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Facebook & Instagram Results (Q1 2023):

  • 1.6M impressions
  • 28,665 clicks
  • 909 leads
  • 71 matched unit sales


South County DCJR wanted to be sure their new vehicle inventory was getting in front of car shoppers in their area with higher incomes. And Pinterest was the perfect solution! Pinterest has the ability to reach 52% of US adult internet users with incomes over $100K. Plus, it’s a great way to reach moms! 

Pinterest Results (Q1 2023):

  • 1.4M impressions
  • 3,301 clicks
  • 142 leads
  • 13 matched unit sales


With users spending an average of 89 minutes per day on TikTok, the platform is rapidly becoming the new “TV” for all generations. South County DCJR uses this video-first platform to drive awareness and retarget with dynamic vehicle ads.

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TikTok Results (Q1 2023):

  • 978K impressions
  • 6,081 clicks
  • 891K video views
  • 811 landing page views


Did you know? 40% of Snapchat users don’t use alternative social platforms! With dynamic vehicle inventory ads and 108M monthly active users in the US, South County DCJR is using Snapchat to drive traffic to their vehicles under $25,000. 

Snapchat Results (Q1 2023):

  • 370K impressions
  • 3,160 swipe ups
  • 25K video views
  • 54 leads

It’s All About Partnership

While we covered a lot of South County’s stats and success in this article, don’t just take it from us…

Check out this testimonial from Mike Chorba, Sales and Finance Manager:

“Our goal is to dominate our market in all aspects of the auto industry. With how competitive our DMA is, that can be challenging at times. One area I don’t have to worry about now is our social media presence. The cost per lead and cost per sale is something that most social-ad-based companies could only dream of achieving. We are saving thousands every month over previous providers and seeing 8 to 10 times the results with Dealers United. Now that is dominating in a space!”

— Mike Chorba, Sales and Finance Manager at South County Dodge Chrysler Jeep Ram

At Dealers United, our only goal is to help you reach your goals. Want to talk social media ad strategies for YOUR dealership? Schedule a demo with us here.


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