The Problem With Some VDP Traffic (And How To Fix It)

Oct 18, 2017 | Digital Marketing, Social Media

Recent studies have shown there’s a relationship between VDP views and vehicle sales. But beware: simply driving more VDP traffic isn’t always the answer. Unless it’s from In-Market Auto Shoppers, that is.

More VDP Views = More Car Sales

Did you know?

According to Lotlinx, 81% of cars are sold after their Vehicle Detail Pages (VDPs) are viewed more than 30 times in 30 days.

Why is this?

Because shoppers viewing dealer inventory pages tend to be further down in the purchase funnel.

It makes sense: Why would anyone drill down through a dealership’s website, or click on a vehicle ad if they seriously weren’t considering buying a vehicle?

So, if there is indeed a link between the # VDP views and the likelihood of a vehicle selling…

…it’s clear dealers NEED more VDP views—right?


Not All VDP Views Are Created Equal

If the traffic you’re driving to your VDPs isn’t In-Market, you’ll likely succeed in driving more views.

But will you actually sell more cars?

Quality, In-Market traffic is key when driving VDP views.

Which means you need:

  • To know exactly where your VDP traffic is coming from
  • A reliable data source – where are vendors getting their In-Market data?
  • Transparent reporting & measurable performance

While there’s no magic silver bullet to selling more cars…

…is there at LEAST a way for your dealership to get its inventory in front of REAL verified In-Market Shoppers, drive them to your VDPs, and measure every action to a sale?

Yes. With a solution that can do it all, automatically.

Introducing new Facebook Inventory Ads, your solution to driving more In-Market Shoppers to your VDPs.

To learn more about our new Facebook Inventory Ads program, watch our 5 minute video here!

Blog Author - Brooke Jensen

Written By Brooke Jensen
Brooke handles all of Dealers United’s digital marketing. In addition to her love for design and copy, Brooke also adores her two dog-like kittens, playing the electric violin, and walking barefoot around the office.

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