This Free Dealership Tool Pinpoints How Many In-Market Auto Shoppers You Can Reach

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What dealer isn’t looking for insights into the auto shoppers in their community?

Knowing your PMA’s demographics, credit scores, and total # of in-market shoppers is an incredible advantage to planning your dealership’s overall strategy.

That’s why we’ve created a tool that unlocks these key shopper data points with just a few simple clicks.

Hard To Find Data, Now At Dealers’ Fingertips

Over the last year, we’ve found that most auto dealerships believe that Facebook Ads can help them reach users in their local market.

But does your dealership know just how many users you can truly reach? Better yet, do you know how many of those users are In-Market Shoppers?

Previously, dealers have had to set up an Ad Account and check out the targeting options within Facebook Ads Manager to find out their max potential reach.

Then, in order to retrieve key automotive insights like purchase windows and credit scores, dealers have to request unique access into Oracle Data Cloud, wait for access, then layer those audience targeting options on top of their geotargeting.

(AKA, it was a pain in the you-know-what.)

That’s why our Dev team has spent countless hours to help dealers unlock all the key audience data that matters — at the touch of a button.

Introducing our newest tool for auto dealerships: The Market Intelligence Report! 🎉

Here’s how easy it is to build your own report and pinpoint how many In-Market Auto Shoppers are in your area:

How To Use The Market Intelligence Report Builder

To start building your Market Intelligence Report, go to and request instant access to the free builder.

Then, simply plug in your dealership address, choose your Primary + Secondary markets, and click “Get Results!”

You’ll instantly learn key insights about your dealership’s PMA, like:

  • 📲  Total Facebook Users
  • 🚘   Total In-Market Auto Shoppers
  • 🙋‍♂️  User Demographics (Gender, Age)
  • 💳  User Credit Score
  • 📅  …and even when users plan to purchase a car!

These data points can help you not only understand your market better, but also help you leapfrog your competition in terms of a data-driven Facebook Ad strategy.

Knowing, identifying and understanding your target market can be some of the most difficult steps in business.

Since the days of the digital marketing revolution have begun, “spray and pray” campaigns have shown to be far less effective than a well targeted approach using a data driven analysis.

After using the Market Intelligence Report, you will have gained insights into your target market to better reach your PMA and sell more cars.

Click here to continue reading and get 4 campaign ideas that will help you maximize your Market Report findings.

Happy Selling!

Build your free Market Intelligence Report now.

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