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Since Facebook Marketplace for auto dealerships has gained popularity over the past few years, Facebook has continued to add new features and enhancements to the platform.

Last year, Facebook introduced built-in Kelley Blue Book Values and CarFax history reports to Marketplace, plus the ability to use chatbots so that dealers can have instant responses to inquiries without immediately needing staff to reply.

But with their latest release, Facebook Marketplace has become an even more powerful tool for car dealers.

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Now your dealership can follow up with shoppers who engage with your Marketplace listings. Watch our video below to learn more!

Creating a Custom Audience For Users Who Engaged With Your Dealership’s Marketplace Listings

To start creating a Custom Audience for Marketplace follow up, go to your Ads Manager and select an existing ad set.

Then, select “Create New > Custom Audience > Marketplace Listings.”

Next, choose if you want to target those who have Viewed Products or those who have Messaged About Products in your Marketplace catalog.

TIP: Reaching those who have “Viewed Products” in your catalog will generate a larger audience, but won’t be as low-funnel as the “Messaged About Products users.

Lastly, set the timeline in which you want Facebook to look for engagement. We recommend a longer timeline if you are sending a “Brand Awareness” message, and a shorter timeline if you are sending Inventory Ads or lower-funnel offers.

Building More Custom Audiences with Dealership Facebook Ads

Remember, there are an unlimited amount of Custom Audiences you can create with Facebook Ads.

You can create audiences of emails you’re sending an email campaign or direct mail campaign to….

…a list of recent customers to send them a service offer…

…and even Lookalike Audiences based on your ideal customer lists!

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