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So, you’re officially apart of #TeamDU and running some super powerful Facebook campaigns. NICE! Every month during the program, you will receive Dealers United Facebook Ad Report. The report is pretty comprehensive, so we’re helping break it down in this blog and overview video. Read on!

Everything You Need To Know About Your Facebook Ads Report

In this video from our recent Customer Meet-Up, CEO Pete Petersen explains how to read your Monthly Facebook Ads Report like a pro, what metrics are most important, and why we structure the reports the way we do.

Page 1 – The Funnel

The first page of your report will highlight how your campaigns moved In-Market Shoppers through your ad campaign funnel.

This helps track your metrics all the way from reaching cold prospects to driving hot leads into your CRM.

Our “Facebook Ads Funnel” is fundamental to how we structure your campaigns, especially when it comes to your Prospecting VS. Retargeting strategies.

It also helps you see the full picture of what your total investment on Facebook is doing for your business

For example, while most vendors only show you your Cost Per Lead (CPL) based on your spend on Lead Campaigns alone, we use the Funnel to show how your entire Monthly Ad Spend turned into Leads.

Page 2 – Top Vehicle Inquiries

One of our favorite pages of the Monthly Report houses your “Top Vehicle Inquiries” data.

This data is an AWESOME way to see what vehicle models local shoppers in your area are most (or least!) interested in.

Insights on this page can:

  • Help you update your floor plan to place the most popular vehicles up front
  • Give you insights around what inventory to stock up on or what to buy at auction
  • Spark an idea for your next ad campaign, like promoting an incentive, a trade-in campaign, or vehicle upgrade campaign
  • Allocate more ad budget to the popular models and increase sales opportunities

Have an idea for an ad based on your Top Vehicle Insights? Let your Performance Manager know and we’ll work with you to get it live!

Page 3 – Engagement and User Breakdown

Like the Top Vehicle Inquiries page, the third page of your Monthly Report offers useful insights to help you make important decisions for both your budget and your business.

The Clicks by Day and Spend VS. Landing Page visual charts can help you detect any patterns within the duration of your campaigns: Did you run a particular event in the middle of the month to explain a spike? Did your performance lag unexpectedly at the end?

As a bonus, we help you break down Leads By Gender. This data can help you structure your marketing and advertising efforts. Are more women submitting online leads, or men? This can help you tailor your creative, targeting, and message to cater to each demographic.

Page 4 – Campaign Actions & Costs

The fourth page of the report is our favorite page of your Monthly Facebook Ads Report.

This is where you’ll find a deeper look inside important metrics in addition to your key Funnel metrics, like # of Impressions, Clicks, Website Leads and the cost per each action.

Your Performance Manager is constantly observing these numbers to help you optimize budget, drive more engagement, and make any recommendations based on their findings.

Heads up: Facebook Ad reports can show many different Click types, including “Clicks,” “Unique Outbound Clicks” and “Landing Page Views.” To find out which metrics matter most, read our article, “Not All Clicks On Your Automotive Facebook Ads Are Created Equal.”

Note that this is only a limited snapshot. If you are on our Full Suite program or have a robust number of campaigns through us, this will only show the first few line items.

If you ever want an in-depth walkthrough of how each campaign is performing, contact your Performance Manager and they’ll be happy to take you inside your account for a closer look.

Page 5 – Page Transparency & Facebook Sales Matchbacks

Don’t forget two of our favorite Facebook features: Facebook Page Transparency and Facebook Offline Conversions (or Facebook Sales Matchbacks).

Facebook Page Transparency Tool: See Your Live Ads Anytime

With Facebook’s Page Transparency tool, you can always have the most up-to-date look inside all of your active ads for your page.

To view your active ads, go to your Facebook Business Page, scroll down to “Page Transparency” on the bottom right, and find “Go to Ad Library” at the bottom of the modal window.

If you see “This ad is running multiple versions” on an ad, you can click to “See Ad Details” and view all of the different variations. This is useful for when you are running Facebook Inventory Ads or dynamic creative to give you the full picture of your campaigns.

DID YOU KNOW? You can use the Page Transparency section to “Ad Hack” your competitor’s live ads and see their strategy, ad ideas, and more. Watch “Hack Your Competitor’s Ads With Facebook’s Ad Transparency Tool”!

Use Facebook Offline Conversions To Match Sales To Your Facebook Campaigns

Most importantly, remember to send us your sold report at the end of every month to get your free Facebook Sales Matchback Report!

This report uses Facebook’s Offline Conversion Tool to match your monthly sold report to users on Facebook and attribute your unit sales to customers who viewed or clicked a Facebook ad before they bought.

It’s the absolute best way to measure your performance on Facebook and understand which campaigns are driving real results.

Want to learn more about Facebook Sales Matchbacks, and how they work? Click here!


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