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New Updates Coming In Hot 🔥

Welcome to the new format for Dealers United Partner Updates! We have provided this month’s information in two ways: print or video. 

Prefer to watch? Check out the video above to hear from Justin Friend, VP & General Manager, and Molly Dennehy, Brand Manager, or skim the highlights listed below.

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  • Omnichannel Check-In – Trending Results 📊
  • Suggested Playbooks
  • Customer Spotlight – South County DCJR  👏
  • NADA Show 2022 – RSVP for our D2C workshop!
  • Dealers United Team Updates 😎

Omnichannel Check-in – Trending Results (Watch at 0:54)

The biggest buzzword right now in digital advertising is Omnichannel.

At its core, an Omnichannel strategy puts the customer at the center of everything by serving full-funnel automotive ad campaigns across multiple social media platforms.

To execute this strategy, advertisers leverage user data signals with sophisticated API integrations to present the next logical ad message to the ideal target audience, creating a frictionless online customer journey and optimized ad spend budget.  🤓

In Q3 2021, Dealers United led the way in the automotive industry by providing auto dealers the ability to tap into this powerful strategy, and the trending results of the Omnichannel automotive ad campaigns are amazing!  *chef’s kiss* 🤌💋

Here are the month-over-month KPI results from December ‘21 to January ‘22 for the automotive ad campaigns on Snapchat, Pinterest, Facebook+Instagram, and TikTok:

Snapchat (Watch at 1:57)

  • CPM ⬇️ by 31%
  • CPC ⬇️ by 43%

Pinterest (Watch at 2:55 + Bonus $1000 Media Credit! 🎁✨)

  • CPM ⬇️ by 35%
  • CPC ⬇️ by 39%

Facebook & Instagram (Watch at 3:59

  • CPM ⬇️ by 24%
  • CPC ⬇️ by 21%

TikTok (Watch at 4:44)

  • CPM ⬇️ by 45%
  • CPC ⬇️ by 44%

Blended Omnichannel Metrics (Watch at 5:24)

  • CPM ⬇️ by 32%
  • CPC ⬇️ by 40%

As you can see, the results from Omnichannel automotive ad campaigns are more than just industry buzz, but driving some awesome returns. So…what results can your dealership expect in your market? 

The updated Dealers United MarketAnalyzer can not only provide audience size and demographics, but also calculate a suggested budget and return on investment. 

Check it out at https://app.dealersunited.com/analyzer#/

Yes, we geek out on data and targeting. (I mean, the MarketAnalyzer predicts conversion rate and expected sales!) But, it’s what we do with it that really counts…

Each month, our Ad Operations team analyzes the best-of-the-best performing automotive ad campaigns to create Dealer Ad Playbooks. 💪

Recommended Playbooks (Watch at 6:25)

Playbooks are proven sets of ready-to-deploy ads built to help solve business challenges–  preset with audience targeting, ad creative, copy, AND campaign strategy. They are specially crafted to reach consumers that can take action and drive leads to your CRM.

These playbooks are recommended based on what’s working right now across our network.

Now Available:

  • 2022 Vehicle Acquisition & BuyBack 
  • 2022 Custom Order (OEM specific: CDJR, Ford, Chevrolet)
  • 2022 Tax Season Playbook
  • 2022 Generic Hiring Ads 

New Model Line Playbooks

These playbooks are designed to meet co-op needs and reach your local market with specific model lines. Each model line contains videos, carousels, and images to help promote, inform, educate, and excite consumers on a specific model line.

We recommend these playbooks go to Model Line SRP pages or landing pages specific to the promoted model.

Just Released:

  • 2022 Dodge Durango
  • 2022 Dodge Challenger
  • 2022 VW ID.4
  • 2021 Jeep Renegade
  • 2022 Hyundai IONIQ 5
  • 2022 Hyundai Elantra
  • 2022 Ford F-150
  • 2022 Ford Escape
  • 2022 Jeep Grand Cherokee
  • 2022 Chevrolet Blazer
  • 2022 Subaru Crosstrek

Dealers United Partners can browse all available playbooks & ad creative by logging in to the dashboard and navigating to “Playbooks.”

Are we missing a playbook? Let us know and we’ll add it shortly!

Customer High-Five (Watch at 10:35)

🖐️  South County DCJR is leveraging Pinterest, Facebook + Instagram, and Snapchat ads going full funnel Omnichannel, resulting in 511 leads with a CPC of $0.90 and CPL of $13.98.

We’re hosting a workshop at NADA 2022! (Watch at 12:10)

Heading to Las Vegas in March? Pete Petersen, CEO of Dealers United, is hosting a workshop, “7 Undercover Direct-to-Consumer Platforms You Need In 2022,” on Sunday, March 13th at 10:30am. 🔥

Pete says, “As a dealer, you have a HUGE competitive advantage over the national providers. They need to reach and engage shoppers in over 40,000 zip codes… you only need to master your Primary Area of Responsibility.

 You now have the ability to reach and direct ALL automotive shoppers to your dealership’s website during their path to purchase.”

 Register for the slides and RSVP for the session at: bit.ly/NADA2022

Welcome to #TeamDU (Watch at 12:34)

We are excited to welcome three new Customer Support Managers to the team! Please say hello to Aleena Bowman, MJ Belada, and Mitch Lucky! Happy to have you on board!  🥳  

All-Hands Company Retreat!

Dealers United is investing in bringing our entire team, from across the country, together to celebrate, connect and align on Wednesday, March 2nd, and Thursday, March 3rd, in sunny Sarasota, FL. 🌴☀️

Our teams will have all partners’ March templates built out and ready to deploy, but please let our team know of any early content or rebudgeting needs as soon as possible.

 That’s all folks!

Thanks for checking out what’s new with DU. Did you like this new format? Ready for Justin & Molly’s blooper reel? (Oh yea, best believe we have got that on deck.) 😜✌️

 Questions? Compliments? Ready to maximize your success? 

 Reach out to us at [email protected] or schedule a 15min consultation.

Blog Author - Molly Dennehy

Written By Molly Dennehy
Molly Dennehy is a marketing expert who has evidenced effective digital marketing strategies across six different industries. Now, she brings her diverse experience and creativity to automotive dealers. From audience targeting, campaign set-up, and content creation, Molly is passionate about sharing new and innovative ways to drive results.

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