Who Else Wants Dealership Social Media Management To Be Easier?

Dec 1, 2016 | Social Media

Okay, so you’ve jumped on the bandwagon and now your dealership has a Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, SnapChat, LinkedIn, and Messenger account. Great. Now how do you manage each account, proactively engage its followers, AND answer incoming interactions and messages, while still trying to close down sales on the pavement? Impossible? Not anymore. Facebook’s Business update will soon be here to help.

The App That Makes Managing Your Top 3 Social Channels Simple

Facebook’s latest announcement reveals their soon-to-launch app for managing three of your dealership’s top social platforms—Facebook, Messenger and Instagram—all in one place.

The improved inbox for Business Pages is the simplest way for your dealership to communicate with customers fast and effectively, all without having to open a new window or logging into another platform.

Interactions on your Business Page’s Messenger account, Facebook Page, and Instagram account are now consolidated into one, easy-to-manage view. (Image from Facebook Business)

Here’s How It Works:

With the new inbox, your dealership can now manage all of its social media engagement through the tap of a single app. You’ll be able to scan all three platforms for updates and feel confident that you’re not missing an important message—all from the palm of your hand.

Brands are now able to reply instantly back to interactions across Instagram, Facebook and Messenger without logging into each account. (Image from Facebook Business)
HEADS UP: You don’t need to change the way you respond to all of your dealership’s comments, posts and messages. Simply use the app to help make your workflow more efficient. Sign in to see all the comments and then respond accordingly with the channels and processes you’re used to.

Will One Inbox Actually Save You Time?

The answer is YES, but only if your dealership is actively utilizing the 3 platforms to increase your social footprint (and we think you should be).

Today, social media is not just for reaching Millennials. According to researchers at the DMN3 Institute, 91% of Baby Boomers (ages 50 – 82) use one or more social media sites regularly.

We highly recommend that your dealership not just be “on” these channels, but routinely logging in, monitoring and responding to all comments (good or bad), questions, and concerns. Thus making Facebook Business’ latest update a time saver for your dealership.

Be Prompt And Get Personal. Your Customers Will Appreciate it.

When someone interacts with your dealership on social media, they expect to be responded to quickly and personally.

Timing is everything

Did you know that customers expect to be replied to within 24 hours after interacting with a dealership’s Facebook Page?

Today’s instant gratification for information has caused consumers to be impatient—especially if they are unhappy or have a question.

Want our best tips on how to respond to customers Facebook? Read this article: Foolproof Guidelines To Help Your Dealership Respond To Comments and Engagement On Facebook

Get personal

The new app will help your dealership be more personal online. Not only will you see the comments in one location, they’ve also created an easy way for you to view basic information about the person who left them.

Simply click the individual’s name and you’re immediately driven to their public information, allowing you to quickly and easily address them and their comments or concerns.

The new app makes it easy to get more info about each person engaging with your dealership. Simply click on their message to find out where they are located, view their Facebook Profile, or add labels to categorize your most engaged users. (Image from Facebook Business)

Here are 3 quick tips to getting more personal through Facebook:

  1. Use their first name. Few businesses do this, and your customers will instantly feel the personal touch in your interactions and replies.
  2. Reply how they reply. If they’ve taken the time to leave a well-thought out message, you should, too
  3. Be proactive. Privately write 3 people in your network each week with something like, “Hey, we’re working on something at DU Auto Group. Can I pick your brain?”

Move Metal With Messenger

C’mon, are people really selling cars on Facebook Messenger?!

Sounds crazy, we know…but it’s true. Facebook Messenger is working for dealers.

Consumers are using it to group text friends, video chat coworkers and even interact with businesses (like your dealership). In fact, there are a billion—yes, BILLION—people communicating with businesses, on Messenger, every month. If you haven’t adopted messenger, it’s time to reconsider.

This is a real message one of our team members received after placed their order on Cyber Monday. While the email inbox is crowded with other brands and marketers, Facebook Messenger is virtually untapped.

According to Facebook, Messenger is a convenient way for people to ask businesses questions about products and services, make appointments and give feedback. Consumers who may not be comfortable leaving personal information on your public page, or who don’t want to call in, will often reach out via Messenger. Take advantage of this opportunity to provide customer service in real-time!

Getting Started

The new update hasn’t officially rolled out yet, but according to Facebook, it will be here within the “coming weeks” for all Pages Manager users on mobile (and soon after for other devices).

Once the update is live, the first step is connecting your Facebook and Instagram accounts. You can do that by following these instructions. (If your accounts are connected through Instagram ads, you will receive the update automatically. Messenger and Facebook are already connected, so no action is needed for integration between these two interfaces.)

Once your accounts are setup and connected, you’ll begin seeing all of your notifications within your Business Page inbox.

Stay tuned: There are additional plans to add engagement options which will improve the speed of managing your dealership’s communications on the platform.

Facebook is working to make the user experience better for your customers. Let them! Don’t miss a sale (or 10) because you’re not keep up with your social media accounts.

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