Why Your Dealership Needs A Facebook Bluetooth® Beacon

Jun 11, 2015 | Social Media

You may have heard the buzz about Facebook’s new “Place Tips” and “Bluetooth® Beacons.” The technology is brand new, free, customizable, and will make you ridiculously competitive — but only if your dealership is ready for it.

Facebook Bluetooth Beacon For Car Dealers

Facebook Place Tips and Bluetooth® Beacons

Place Tips is a new business feature that gives your visitors News Feed notifications of exciting information about your dealership as soon as they arrive on your lot. You can greet your visitors with things like:

  • invites to an upcoming event you are hosting
  • promotions for your latest vehicles and service specials
  • general information about your dealership
  • a welcome photo and note prompts to check in or like your page
  • their friends’ recommendations about your dealership

Facebook Place Tips For Auto Dealers

Image source: Facebook.com

The Facebook Bluetooth® Beacon brings Place Tips to life: once they walk through the door, customers who have their Bluetooth and location services enabled will receive a one-way signal to their Facebook mobile app that displays your customized message at the top of their Facebook News Feed.

Facebook just began taking applications for the beacons this week, so be sure to request yours ASAP to get ahead of the crowd. Go here to request your beacon.

Facebook admitted that they will be prioritizing businesses with active Facebook pages, so if you are not updating your page with statuses or photos regularly, we recommend sprucing your page before you send your beacon request.

4 Tips To Improve Your Page Before You Get A Facebook Bluetooth® Beacon

1. Post Regularly

Posting regularly maximizes what Facebook for businesses was intended for: staying engaged and up-to-date. According to HubSpot, the exact number of how often you should post on your page depends on your target customer’s age, interests, and Facebook activity. However, they discovered that clicks peak when business posts 31-60 times per month, (that’s at least once or twice a day!).

2. Pay Attention to Your Customers

The whole idea behind social is to be social! Interact with your customer by paying attention to the comments that you receive (positive and negative), and show them that you care, are consistently engaged, and easily reachable. Ignoring comments and reocurring concerns is the equivalent of telling your customer that you don’t care about what they’re saying.

3. Keep Your Facebook Posts Short!

Facebook posts that utilize less than 80 characters achieve 66% higher follower engagement than longer ones. Succinct posts that use 40 characters or less to get their message across have been noted to receive the highest level of engagement.

4. Post Culture, Not Ads

We’re all about advertising on Facebook, but remember that your dealership’s page is about promoting the “social” side of your business: the culture, the employees, the happy customers, and photos from your latest event. Keep the ads subtle by constraining them to your audiences’ News Feeds and in the right column.

Learn more ways to make your dealership stand out on Facebook in this article: 6 Really Good Reasons Why Your Auto Dealership Needs To Unlock Facebook

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