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Why we built Facebook Inventory Ads and how they help dealers sell more cars

“This is everything we’ve been looking for.” — Ford dealer in Graham, TX.

With 24hr inventory integration, dynamic “exact vehicle” retargeting, full-funnel lead strategies, and proven ROI, this is the key to moving vehicles off your lot fast.

Why Us?

The Facebook Advertising Solution That Does It All

We don’t just “check the box” for dealership Facebook advertising. We build, test, and are constantly optimizing campaigns that generate true sales opportunities for your store, so you can focus on what you do best: selling cars.

Exclusive In-Market Data

Unlock IHS Markit and POLK Automotive data to reach current Owners and In-Market Shoppers of specific Makes and Models.

No Middle Men

No 3rd party in-betweens here. We push all clicks and traffic to your SRPs, VDPs, and Key Pages directly on your website.

Exact Vehicle Retargeting

Follow lost opportunities across Facebook and Instagram with the exact vehicles they viewed, plus similar models by price and style.

Dedicated Performance Manager

Get a dedicated Facebook Account Specialist to help you reach your monthly goals, monitor your campaigns, and optimize your ROI.

Unlimited Custom Audiences

Use your own data, like website visitors, recently sold, and current customers to help you build the most powerful audiences possible.

Powerful Instagram Ads

Go beyond “placements” on Instagram; we create and optimize ads specifically made for Instagram to maximize engagement, including dynamic Instagram Stories.

VIN-Specific Lead Ads

Transform low-funnel shoppers into CRM leads with our VIN-specific lead ads.

Engaging Video Creative

Add eye-catching video creative to your ads for free, or build custom video for even better results

Free Facebook Marketplace

Sync your pre-owned vehicle inventory to Facebook Marketplace for free.

Real Unit Sales Proven Each Month

Say goodbye to unclear ROI and assuming that your ads are (or aren’t) working. With our free Sales Matchback Reports, you’ll know once and for all if your ads are helping you sell more cars.

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