There’s a lot going on behind this shield.

At Dealers United, we listen to our 6,500+ dealer-members and take action on their behalf to improve their dealerships.

We are 100% dealer-focused

It is our mission to improve your dealership by cutting your costs, saving you time, and ultimately helping you sell more cars through products, resources, and education. We judge our company’s success by your dealership’s success, which is why we deliver the highest quality products at the most competitive prices in the industry.


We thoroughly vet our vendors

When our dealer-members tell us they need a great product, we find it. We pride ourselves in having the strictest vetting process in the industry, where we visit, compare, and test prospective companies, and only invite those with the highest integrity and leading results to enter our marketplace.


We don’t believe in contracts

We DO however believe that dealers should be able to test and try what works best for them and their dealership’s specific needs. We eliminate all contracts on our products, allowing dealers to opt in to any product or service—or cancel it—at will.


We were founded by dealers and industry leaders

Our co-founders have been in the automotive industry for over 20 years. Their love for the industry motivates us to form relationships with our dealer-members that are built on trust and propelled forward by constant education, communication, and growth.


The best part? We protect you from snake-oil vendors in the auto industry.

We know you’re constantly bombarded by snake-oil vendors telling you they will get you this or generate that without any verified results to back their products.

Our mission is to keep you protected from snake-oil at all times. Should a snake-oil vendor slip into your office unannounced, you can use our “GET OUT” button to send them on their way.

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