Sales Operations

Sales Operations


A Sales Operations team member will perform pre- and post-sale support for our sales team, which is comprised of competitive and driven professionals. You will serve as the “flight controller” and manager of operations between our company, our customers, and our sales team.

6 Reasons Why This is an Awesome Opportunity

1. Our sales team is built on the perfect blend of teamwork and competition, which provides a supportive and exciting work environment among a group of true professionals.
2. Our company culture is fun, transparent, and ambitious. We work hard and play hard.
3. This is a ground floor position at a company bound for explosive growth, meaning that there is a massive opportunity for career advancement.
4. We are committed to delighting our customers, not just satisfying them. At Dealers United, you will participate in continuously refining our interactions with customers.

5. Your role will drive the formation of sales processes and strategic plans that will help us scale easily and seamlessly.
6. You will be the point person for curating our relationships with vendor partners by developing new procedures for outstanding product and service delivery.
6½. We are located down the road from some of the best beaches in the world!.


perform pre-sale support, technical assistance, and after-the-sale customer onboarding
integrate with the sales team to help them spend more time in sales conversations with prospects.
serve as a “flight controller” and maintain ongoing communication with sales team members regarding all vendor and dealer contact

keep everyone and everything on schedule
continually manage expectations with customers and vendors regarding next steps and timelines (under commit and over deliver!)
prepare and proofread performance reports, review with sales team members, and outline points to drive customer-facing conversations
perform quality assurance for all dealer correspondence to ensure accuracy and general readability, and avoid missing or incomplete information

interact and build relationships with key contacts, vendors, and dealers


prior experience in a position that required extreme attention to detail
project management skills
customer service experience
organization, accuracy, efficiency, and resourcefulness
expert with spelling and grammar
relationship builder
ability to work on multiple projects simultaneously in a fast-paced environment
live or willing to relocate near Sarasota, FL

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