Frequently Asked Questions:

1. The basics

1.1 What is Dealers United?
Dealers United is an online marketplace consisting of over 6,000+ dealers located nationwide. We want to help dealers save time, cut costs, and sell more cars.
1.2 How does Dealers United help me cut costs and save time?
We listen to dealers, find out what their goals are, and research and negotiate the best terms and prices on their behalf. If we find a gap that has not been filled by another vendor in the industry, we’ll even build products that we believe will bring dealers value.
1.3 Why and when did Dealers United start?
Matt Buchanan, one of our co-founders, owned multiple dealerships. Following the sale of some of those stores, he experienced a price increase for the products and services he was using simply because the number of stores he was buying for decreased. He also found that with less staff, he lacked the bandwidth to spend countless hours researching every product and service need for his store. To resolve this issue, he partnered with Jesse Biter, the founder and former CEO of HomeNet, to encourage dealers from across the country to join together and group-negotiate for the best products and services in the industry. We began welcoming members in October 2011 and launched our first Member-exclusive deal in March 2012.
1.4 How does Dealers United make money?
Very similar to an advertising or travel agency that bakes percentages into their prices, Dealers United earns a percentage of the out-of-door price you pay for each product, which we previously arrange with that product’s partner. Our earnings then help us cover costs for the research we conduct and the content we provide for each item in our Marketplace.

2. Getting started

2.1 Who should sign up with Dealers United?
Everyone on your team! We encourage every one of your employees who is using or researching products to purchase to sign up with Dealers United. By allowing your entire team to have access to our products and services, they may come across solutions which could help them be more efficient in their role or replace outdated or overpriced solutions they are currently using. That means General Managers, Internet Directors, Sales Managers, Marketing Directors, Service Managers, F&I Managers, Bookkeepers, Receptionists, etc…you get the picture.
2.2 How much does it cost to become a member?
Nothing. It’s free. Seriously – no cost to join. The #1 question we hear is: “Why wouldn’t I join?” To be honest, we’re still working on finding an answer…
2.3 How do I sign up?
Click here or give us a call at (941)-366-6760.

3. Our products

3.1 What products and services do you offer?
Everything. We either have the product or service that you need or we’ll go get it. We have offered everything from Dealer Management Systems (DMS) to license plate frames.
3.2 How do you select your products and services?
We’ve had over 1,500 vendors sign up to partner with Dealers United. In addition to reviewing those who have signed up, our product team is constantly fielding dealer recommendations and feedback, conducting demos, researching industry trends, and analyzing product and service results achieved by dealers.
3.3 I don’t see the product or service that I’m in-market for. Now what?
If you’re interested in a product or service and we don’t have it listed on our website, please call us at: (941)-366-6760 and we’ll secure a great deal for your store.

4. The DU experience

4.1 What is a “Dealer Advocate?”
Once you sign up, you’ll be assigned a “Dealer Advocate.” This individual will serve as your go-to point of contact for anything related to our products and services. Topics to discuss with your Advocate can include anything from telling us what you’re looking for, offering recommendations, making us aware of any issues, asking onboarding questions, or just having a general conversation about your dealership! It’s your Advocate’s mission to get to know your dealership and your goals, so that he or she can help you achieve success.
4.2 Is my engagement vital to Dealers United?
We want our company to be powered by dealers for dealers, which means we need you to keep us in the loop about the products and services inside and outside of our Marketplace. That’s why we’ve provided you with the opportunity to recommend any products what we don’t carry.
4.3 How can I maximize my experience with Dealers United?
Always remember to contact us before you purchase a product or service. We’ll most likely either have a signed deal, which will save you money, or worst case we have looked at them and can provide you with valuable insight or research, which will save you time.

5. Payment information

5.1 Why do I have to use a credit card?
There are two reasons we require credit card payment for the services we negotiate on your behalf. The first simply has to do with our cost of doing business: the lower we can keep our overhead, the better price we’re able to secure. Secondly, when we negotiate our deals with our vendors, a big selling factor is that we’re able to pay them quickly: growing vendors often struggle with dealers to receive timely payments, and once we can guarantee quicker, easier payments, they are often more likely to negotiate a better deal.
5.2 Why does Dealers United handle the billing?
We want to make billing and reporting as easy as possible for our members, which means compiling numerous invoices from various vendors into one, simplified invoicing system, and allowing you to access your payment history 24/7. By collecting and controlling every aspect of the billing process, we can ensure the best customer service experience for you by putting ourselves between you and the vendor.

6. Terms and cancellations

6.1 Are products really month-to-month contracts and cancel anytime?
Yes. Always. Our goal is to ensure that the solutions we provide to your store work. Our success is tied to your success. We both do not benefit from your store being stuck with a product or service which isn’t bringing value and delivering results for your store. No contracts force us to earn your business each month, which we love doing.
6.2 How do I cancel a product or service I’ve purchased through Dealers United?
Give us a call at (941)-366-6760 or email us at The only thing we’ll ask is why you are canceling to help us hold our partners accountable and better serve you in the future.

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