27 Questions You Need To Ask About Your Facebook Strategy

…Plus The Answers That Will Help You Keep Your Facebook Vendor or Team Accountable In 2021

Presented by Pete Petersen
CEO of Dealers United


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here’s no denying that Facebook has exploded as an advertising channel in auto.

Many dealers have reallocated large chunks of their budgets and added new vendors, agencies, and even internal team members to maximize it. But since the strategies, tools, and best practices are constantly changing, how do you know, without a shadow of a doubt, that your store is set up for ultimate success and growth on Facebook?

In this session, Pete Petersen will dive into 27 critical questions (and correct answers!) to help you:

Get 27 critical questions you need to be asking your Facebook strategists, including budget allocation, co op, benchmarks, transparency, and more
Understand the most up-to-date Facebook Ad best practices for dealers, from set up, to strategy, to tracking ROI
Create a system of accountability so that you have full transparency into how your money is being spent

Quit having your internal team or vendors simply “check the box” for running Facebook Ads and start unleashing the full potential of the channel!

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