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Live Event At #DD27

The Fixed-Ops Advertising Playbook: 

Mimic Starbucks’ Loyalty Strategy, Steal Back Your Service Defectors, & Boost Service Revenue

ver wish you could wake up to an influx of brand new service and parts leads waiting for your fixed ops department – every single day?

In this session, Pete Petersen will reveal insider strategies that retail masters like Chick-fil-A and Starbucks use to increase loyalty and will give you the cheat sheet that has helped dealerships like Power Ford generate a steady stream of additional service ROs month-over-month.

In this session, he’ll give you the cheat sheet to help you:

Amplify loyalty and gross in your dealership by reaching shoppers who are 3x more likely to convert on your offers
Create NEW opportunities by locating and servicing defectors in your PMA and capturing the 72% of lost traffic stolen by other service stores
Easily find and recruit top-performing service employees so you can increase RO’s