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Live Session At DDW


Most Powerful Copy-&-Paste Automotive Campaigns for 2018

5 Simple-But-Fundamental Ad Campaigns That EVERY Dealer Should Be Running In 2018



Presented by Pete Petersen
CEO of Dealers United

A re you spending money on digital advertising & wondering if it is the most effective use of your budget? We’ve crowdsourced hundreds of dealership campaigns across the US & Canada and want to give you the highest performing ad strategies your dealership needs in 2018.

In this session, you will learn how to target and deliver personalized conversations to local in-market auto shoppers and owners, and will walk away with key building block strategies proven to drive automotive sales this year.

Your dealership can use these 5 copy-and-paste, PROVEN campaign ideas to drive loyalty, conquest new business, and create more aftermarket opportunities. You will leave this session with strategies and insight to maximize your digital ad spend, drive retail sales, become less dependent on third-party portals and lead providers, and convert your website visitors into leads with tested ad campaigns.

In this session, you will learn how to:

Learn how to build 5 full-funnel campaign strategies from new vehicle to fixed ops. Steal 17 total actionable ad ideas within the campaigns. Take your ads to the next level with 4 proven “pro” tips.

Stop guessing and learn what your dealership should have in place to dominate its market in 2018!

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Most Powerful Copy-and-Paste Automotive Campaigns for 2018


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