The Craigslist Domination Engine

The automated solution that turns your pre-owned inventory faster on Craigslist


The Craigslist Domination Engine

The Automated Craigslist Solution That Quickly (And Inexpensively) Attracts Red-Hot Buyers And Turns Your Inventory

What is the Craigslist Domination Engine?


A Science-Driven Equation That Turns Pre-Owned Inventory Faster

Is your dealership posting on a “red light” day? Learn how you can use market trends to create a formula specifically tailored to YOUR market and attract local, ready-to-buy leads.

The Secret To Profitable, Hands-OFF Craigslist Ads

Dive into real dealers’ accounts to see how they’ve unlocked the speed and automation of Craigslist and are driving more calls to their used inventory—without lifting a finger.

A Proven System To Dominate The Top of the Craigslist SRP

Craigslist Autos’ new algorithm means listings are no longer ranked on a first-come, first-serve basis. See how you can optimize your listings to conquer even the most recent posts in ANY market.



Our Craigslist Program Has Helped Dealers Triple Their Used Inventory Conversions and Quintuple Their ROI