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The Facebook Selling System

The secret sauce to connecting with your dealership’s customers and selling more cars through Facebook


Facebook Selling System

Leverage Facebook Advertising To Generate Leads and Sell Vehicles

What is The Facebook Selling System?


The Secret To Making Social A Revenue Stream

Is your dealership doing more than Boosting Facebook posts, something that’s actually going to move the needle? Dive into real dealer accounts to see how other dealerships are making Facebook’s data sell for them.

A Tried-and-True Strategy to Sell on Facebook

Learn the exact same selling process top auto groups and OEMs use on Facebook every day to generate new leads & sales through the most widely used social media platform in the U.S.

A ‘Value First’ Approach That Turns Shoppers into Buyers

We’ll share dealership campaigns that align your brand with value, focusing on a customer-first approach that will dominate ANY market.

Our teams, with [Dealers United’s] guidance, put a great campaign together and drove an insane amount of traffic in just a short period of time. We have the most appointments ever for a Saturday in June and one of the highest tallies ever going into a Saturday!”

— Michael Renaud, Director of Business Development at Leader Automotive Group

What’s Inside The Demo?

Our Strategy To Sell Vehicles Through Facebook

You’ll learn the 3 ways your dealership can track and measure Facebook ROI

We’ll show you the EXACT process dealers are using to generate leads, identify sales opportunities, and maximize engagement on Facebook

Dive into a live dealer’s Facebook Sales Matchback report that shows how many monthly sales were matched to an auto shopper who saw an ad on Facebook

The Data Secrets To Reaching In-Market Shoppers

Generate an avalanche of traffic with 4 conquest targeting strategies you can implement today

You’ll learn that not all Facebook traffic is the same and how to find your perfect audience

Identify the 4 simple things you can do to laser target your audience and blanket your area with your dealership’s brand

Get 4 actionable campaign ideas current customers are using right now to generate thousands of leads on Facebook

A “Value First” Formula That NO Other Facebook Vendor Is Using

Discover our ‘value first’ approach to generating interest and hyper-targeting your audience with the right offer at the right time

We’ll share exactly how we create a full-fledged Facebook campaign around your dealership’s events, specials, and community

Learn the ultimate ways your dealership can use social media to truly connect with your customers

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