Ford Instagram Exclusivity Program

Ford Group Demo:
Wednesday, April 24th

Wednesday, April 24th

2:00pm - 3:00pm EST

No Pressure Group Demonstration

How To Turn An Untapped Medium Into Car Sales

Presented by Travis Garner
Head of Direct Sales Channel

With new car sales projected to be down and Memorial Day around the corner, Ford is doubling down on digital in 2019.

But do you have a true weapon that’s differentiating your store from other Ford dealers near you?

In this group demo, I’ll introduce you to a virtually untapped new medium that is harnessing 2x more engagement than Facebook, and is reaching millions of Ford shoppers around the US: Instagram.

This platform is so underutilized, that this truly can be a “blue ocean” strategy for your store.

(When I first demo’d this program, the dealer told me this is everything his store has been looking for, and couldn’t wait to block out his competitors. I can’t wait to show you how it works…)

Register now to get a group demo and get the chance to be the first dealer in your market to lock in exclusivity and block out 3 of your top competitors.

See you soon.

“This program is everything we’ve been looking for.”

— Ford dealer in Graham, TX.

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