Ford Instagram Exclusivity Program

Let’s see if your Ford Market is still available.


“This is everything we’ve been looking for.” — Ford dealer in Graham, TX.

With 150+ custom Ford ads,dynamic inventory integration, and guaranteed unit sales, this is the ultimate new car strategy for Ford.

Why you’ll love our program:

100% Co-Op Reimbursable

Have spare Co-Op funds? You’re in luck. These campaigns are 100% Co-Op approved. Plus, we do all the legwork for you from Pre-Approval to Submission to help you get your money back.

Full Market Exclusivity

Our Full Market Exclusivity Model is on a first-come-first-served basis: the 1st Ford dealer in your PMA to opt into the program will be the only Ford dealer in your local market with this powerful toolkit.


Our 90 Day 30 Unit Sales Guarantee promises that if we are unable to attribute at least 30 unit sales to your campaign within 90 days, you can cancel your agreement, no questions asked.

Check if your market is still available for FULL MARKET EXCLUSIVITY.



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