An Auto Dealer’s Proven Playbook for Going Digital in 2019

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3 Full-Blown Digital Strategies Your Dealership Can Use To Increase 1st Party Leads & Sales Conversations

An 8-part digital recipe that is helping dealers drive more pre-owned activity, local brand awareness, and measurable vehicle sales

3 proven steps to shifting small portions of your traditional ad spend and third party sites to generate more online sales conversations

A multi-channel strategy that helped Hub City Ford unlock 1,411 form submissions and 157,944 visits for their store

Wish you had a proven Playbook to help you navigate every step of today’s ever-changing digital landscape?

Are you a dealership who trusts the reach of traditional media and good ol’ fashioned advertising…

…but can’t deny that the car buying journey is changing with online, digital, and mobile?

That’s exactly how Hub City Ford felt last year before they started with this proven automotive digital playbook.

If you feel like your dealership is just throwing money at digital channels, agencies, and vendors to keep up with online trends…

…like you’re making BIG investments toward third party portals and “solutions” that every other dealer is using…

…but you can’t track and measure ACTUAL VEHICLE SALES to your campaigns…

…then this digital playbook is for you.

“Pre-owned sales have literally gone viral. It’s all about online shopping. For us, we knew if we were not all over [online], we would be out of the game. We just had our biggest month in December, and I can’t deny the role our digital advertising efforts played in generating activity for us.”
Todd Citron

Dealer Principal, Hub City Ford

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