Craigslist Inbound Call Checklist + Script

8 Templates Proven To Help Your Dealership Move Craigslist Leads Further Down The Sales Funnel

Increase set appointments from Craigslist using these 8 strategic questions
Never let another Craigslist opportunity slip away! Customize 8 script templates to ask the right questions and gather the information necessary to turn leads into sales
Ensure your team can always set an appointment (even if the vehicle in question is over budget or is no longer available)

Get 5 actionable Facebook Advertising ideas you can implement at your store
Discover how Microtargeting goes beyond normal Automotive targeting
Learn new ways your dealership can connect with your online customers

Are you currently advertising on Craigslist but having difficulty turning inbound calls into appointments?

You’re not alone.

We’ve listened to hundreds of inbound Craigslist calls, and it’s pretty clear:

Craigslist leads need to be handled differently and some dealerships haven’t yet mastered the “ideal Craigslist phone script.”

Until now.

This two-part customizable Checklist + Script will help your dealership master Craigslist inbound phone calls, and help you turn all inbound prospects into sales opportunities.

  • A customer is disconnected
  • The vehicle in question is no longer available
  • The caller’s budget doesn’t fit the vehicle listing’s price
  • …and more

Download our Craigslist Inbound Call Checklist + Script now and never let a Craigslist phone lead slip away!

Download The Phone Script

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