Valley Buick GMC – Facebook Spotlight

How 3 New Facebook Ad Strategies Helped A Dealership Get Its Events & Inventory In Front Of Shoppers In The Community


Find Out How A Kansas Dealer Drove 581 New Sales Conversations In 30 Days

How Dealers Are Using Facebook To Connect With Online Shoppers Before (and After) They Start Shopping

With the average person spending 46 minutes on Facebook every day, Facebook presents a gigantic advertising opportunity for any business—especially auto dealers.

Dealers who advertise on Facebook can run proven campaign strategies that match their own monthly goals in order to maximize everything from their local food drives to their Summer Sales events.

Plus, it’s easy to blanket a dealership’s entire local area with any campaign or model line—and faster than radio, TV, direct mail, or any other marketing channel we’ve seen.

Facebook Advertising is helping dealers nationwide:

  • Conquest In-Market Auto Shoppers
  • Promote community events to Facebook users who have related interests to create stronger relationships
  • Post their inventory to the nations #1 platform and drive clicks to their SRPs and VDPs
  • …and so much more

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