NIADA LIVE SESSION: June 19th @ 4:15pm PST

Unlock 3 Free Digital Tools To Move Inventory Faster

3 Free Techniques To Get You Into More Sales Conversations Right NOW!

 Learn how to post your inventory to the #1 listing site for FREE every month

 Turn your vehicle feeds into your BIGGEST asset (without ANY manual work)

 Transform little-known, unsung channels like Facebook Messenger into secret weapons for your store

 Swipe our BONUS insider method for breaking away from 3rd Party Sites and leads

Date: Wednesday, June 19 2019
Time: 4:15pm – 5:00pm
Room: Venetian A

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In this session, I’m going to help you unlock 3 little-known FREE digital tools guaranteed to get you into more sales conversations…

…without spending a single ad dollar.

I’ll give you the key to turning every single one of your vehicles into a FREE online vehicle listing on Facebook Marketplace—without ANY manual work, every month.

Then, I’ll take you through our proven playbook for driving, engaging, and converting every lead into actual vehicle sales with Facebook Messenger.

These are tools that ANY dealer can master and will help you generate what some dealers are calling “the highest quality leads they’ve seen in a long time.”

PLUS, as a bonus, you’ll learn our insider method to delivering the right car to the right shopper every day until they buy, without depending on a 3rd party lead site.

These are techniques that will get you into more sales conversations right NOW. Not 6 months from now – NOW.

See you there.

— Pete Petersen, CEO of Dealers United

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