Dealership Digital Marketing Case Study

Strategy Spotlight: Rob Sight Ford’s Search Strategy Boosts Results by 40%

Solutions: SEO, and SEM

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Dealer Testimonial

Bobby Sight | Managing Partner

“Dealers United crushes the Search game. It is a night and day difference.  With Dealers United, I actually talk to somebody, and I know what’s going on. They are accountable: when they say that they’re going to improve a page, or a category, or visibility for a certain city search, I see improvement in it. I have confidence that somebody’s working on it.”

Automotive Digital Marketing Strategy: SEO + SEM in Q1 2024

Part 1

A Content Rich Automotive SEO Strategy


Rob Sight Ford had a hard time finding the right vendor to help improve their website’s ranking on search engines like Google. They tried different SEO solutions, but none of them delivered the content quality or traffic they were looking for to outrank their competition.


To align with Google’s focus on user experience, Dealers United implemented a comprehensive SEO approach targeting the entire sales funnel. We published articles optimized with relevant keywords and supported by extensive research and link-building efforts. For example, we created a Ford Bronco vs. Bronco Sport model comparison blog, which secured a top 5 national ranking! Articles like these help answer questions REAL shoppers are entering into Google, guiding the decision-making process, and ultimately driving highly qualified traffic to Rob Sight Ford.

SEO Results (90 days)

Total Keywords Added / Removed


Increase in Organic Traffic


Increase in Phone Calls

Part 2

“Ford truck near me”: Automotive Inventory SEM Strategy

 The Challenge

The team at Rob Sight Ford recognized the importance of having a strong digital footprint to attract in-market auto shoppers and stay ahead of their competition. Their main goal was to boost their online presence by driving more traffic to their website and generating high-quality leads for their dealership.

The Solution

Dealers United launched multiple ad formats to showcase Rob Sight Ford’s extensive inventory and drive potential car buyers to explore specific vehicle listings on the dealer’s website. The Dealers United team added several targeting, creative, and formatting improvements, like:

  • Keyword optimization for location terms to include their backyard cities: i.e. Ford dealers kansas city, Ford dealer overland park, and Ford dealership near me.
  • Layering advanced audiences like device, time & previous shopping activity
  • New ad extensions for high priority models: 2023 F150s & overall F150s

SEM Results (90 days)

Total Leads

Average Cost Per Lead


Increase in click-through rate

Dealer Testimonial

Rich Poe | General Manager

“I can say that the content looks dynamite! We’ve made a run at a few different people trying to get SEO off the ground, and this team provides exactly what we had in mind for our content to look like. It looks great. Thank you, Dealers United.”

We Help Dealers USE seo + sem TO Sell More Cars.

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