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How A Franchise Dealer In Washington Defeated An Industry-Wide Sales Decline Using Craigslist


Find Out How A Franchise Dealer Defeated An Industry-Wide Sales Decline Using Craigslist

How Are Dealers Using Craigslist To Generate More 1st Party Leads?

If your dealership has ever wanted to sell more pre-owned inventory fast, Craigslist might be the answer.

Craigslist is the virtual form of local Classifieds, and therefore is reliant upon local trends.

Dealers who use a Craigslist posting tool that uses science and data to understand which days are best to post, what vehicles are trending, and how to optimize each listing so it resonates with local audiences, are coming out on top.

If you’re still a skeptic, consider that Craigslist…

  • …has more vehicle shoppers than available inventory
  • …now charges $5 per vehicle posting
  • …leads convert at a 12% close-rate
  • …buyers close 13 days faster on average than third party leads

Download Valley Buick GMC’s Craigslist Success Story to learn how other dealers are using Craigslist to generate more 1st party leads and sell more pre-owned inventory!

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