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In-Market Car Shoppers are ideal prospects for your dealership.

They are looking to buy a car in 90 days or less

These consumers have self-reported that they are looking to purchase a vehicle within 90 days and have asked to receive offers from dealers in their area.

They make up a whopping 17 million of our database

We refresh our database every 30 days and add up to 6 million records every time to ensure that we have the freshest list of In-Market Car Shoppers possible.

They are online savvy & persuaded by email

96% of In-Market Car Shoppers will research a product online before purchasing in-person, and they are 87% more likely to be influenced by email marketing.

Reach them through DU Conquest Email.


Dealers United will create and send email campaigns to all of the In-Market Car Shoppers near your dealership, directing them right to your website and showroom. Check out the Google Analytics screenshot below: each spike in traffic indicates an email campaign deployment!

average opens

average clicks

dollar cost per car sold

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