Model Line Videos


Current year model line videos with your dealership branding including patented dealership license plate overlay on each vehicle.

  • YouTube preroll formatted videos. Ad budget required.
  • Facebook optimized videos. Ad budget required.
  • Full length videos for use on your website, YouTube, Facebook, email, BDC emails, and social media.
  • Optional landing page creation for each model line.

Supported Makes include Ford, Toyota, Subaru, VW, and Chevy.

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Ford Model Line Examples

Ford Mustang Onsite Video

Use your custom model line video onsite, in BDC follow up emails, or any online medium.


Ford Mustang Facebook Video Ad

Maximize the reach and impact of your ads. Turn your custom model line videos into Facebook Video Ads or YouTube Preroll Ads.

Ford Super Duty


Ford Explorer


Ford Expedition


Ford Fusion


Ford Escape


Ford F-150

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