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How Are Dealers Using Better Data To Reach In-Market Auto Shoppers On Facebook?

Model Line Data + Microtargeting

Dealers United starts with automotive data in order to segment out In-Market consumers interested in specific Model Lines. From there, we use Microtargeting to show extremely powerful creative to even more concentrated audiences. Because every move you make on Facebook, from the Pages you Like to your relationship status, is captured in Facebook's data buckets, your store can now use ALL of Facebook’s user data PLUS Model Line In-Market data, and create longer lasting relationships with your customers.

How You Can Use Microtargeting:

Never waste another marketing dollar on mass advertising and only show your ads to those who will be interested in the content Use Model Line and Microtargeting data to conquest new customers, build loyalty, and drive service Connect with your audience based on unique characteristics like language, religion and social interests


They’re Getting Creative & “Getting Personal” With Their Online Customers

Microtargeting Data:

In-Market Fuel-Efficient Shoppers Within 50 miles of dealership in California People who are interested in Environmentalism

Microtargeting Data:

All In-Market Car Shoppers Within 25 miles of dealership in Florida People who are interested in pets and The Humane Society

They’re Not Waiting For Shoppers To Complete A Google Search

To show your dealership’s Ad, Google Ads wait for a Search query like “2016 Sedans”—a Reactive behavior. Facebook, on the other hand, is Proactive: based on third-party data, Facebook shows these dealerships’ Ads to people they already know are In-Market or Current Owners, and then are driving them directly to SRPs.

6 Ways To Target Your Most Sought-After Audiences

Polk & Datalogix Data

Build and customize audiences based on Facebook’s In-Market Car Shopper data and target specific competitive makes and models.

Custom Audiences

Match email addresses or phone numbers from your CRM or DMS with Facebook profiles to deliver smarter Service, Buy-Back, and Trade-In campaigns.

Facebook Retargeting

Build a retargeting list from your website and remarket people on Facebook who have already visited your site and have shown an interest in your cars.

Audience Insights

Discover new real-time vehicle data and use Lookalike Audiences to find new customers that have similar interests and demographics as your current customers.

OEM and Third-Tier Promos

Boost excitement about new models, clear out your inventory, and boost consideration for your dealership by reaching people beyond your Like list.

Community-centric Campaigns

Humanize your dealership by offering content relevant to particular demographics and behaviors, like serving Military specials to veterans.

Cutting Edge Facebook Technology Meets A Stronger, Targeted Content Strategy

Lead Ads

Lead Ads enable your customers to submit their information without leaving Facebook. By pre-filling form fields based off public Facebook info and avoiding site redirection, your audience will enjoy a seamless and simple lead form experience.

With Lead Ads, your customers can easily:

Request a price quote Schedule a test drive Redeem a special offer

Get Better Ad Real Estate For Lower Costs

Before a Facebook Ad shows to a user, there’s an internal auction that occurs between the advertisers in that Ad’s product category. In Facebook‘s more crowded categories, like mobile devices, bids and costs-per-click have to be higher to win the auction. But because there are so few dealerships on Facebook, you can take advantage of Facebook and get incredible Ad placements for lower bids and costs-per-click.

Better Advertising Means The Best Results


More Brand Specific Buyers

With 350+ automotive data points


Higher conversion rate

Compared to standard behavioral targeting


More Sales Volume

Compared to using behavioral targeting

More Brand Specific Buyers

Why Your Dealership Should Put Our Facebook Team To The Test

Get new Ads every month and unlimited Ad creatives
Access your Facebook Ad Account and know to the penny what you’re spending
Review with us what’s working and discuss, optimize & plan your next strategy every month
Know we will never set-and-forget an Ad—we work hands-on to see what’s performing and we change accordingly

There are zero contracts: hold us accountable and fire us if we aren’t performing
Quickly capitalize on recent events or new ideas—we work around the clock!
Receive a monthly, deep-dive Executive Summary with real-time Google Analytics and Facebook Pixel reporting
Discover what hot buttons are working on Facebook and add them into your showroom talk tracks

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