“Can Customers Contact Me Easily?”

Multiple Rooftops, Call Tracking, & Various Listings Can Confuse Your Customers — & Search Engines.


We help you generate high-quality, accurate listings – the #1 ranking factor in competitive local search markets.

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Your Name, Address, & Number Must Be The Same (Everywhere), Or Else…

…potential customers may not know EXACTLY how to contact you, and search engines won’t trust you enough to list you.

You see, both humans and search engine algorithms are skeptical.

People have had to learn to filter through the noise of marketing and get to what they really want…

…and search engines like Google have changed their algorithm to help users do just that.

Which means your listings will be penalized for pretty much anything—especially inaccurate or confusing data.

In fact, when it comes to what helps your dealership rank on the first page of Google, local listing accuracy accounts for 51% of determining factors—more than local SEO and social components combined.

There are 4 cases in which auto dealers’ listings are all but clear:

  • When a dealership has multiple rooftops as duplicate listings
  • When a dealership uses call tracking numbers
  • When a dealership has different titles in their listings or ads
  • When no one is managing the feeds from data aggregators

Luckily, we know just what to clear things up and get you ranking higher.

We help initially claim and fix every listing, then continuously block out any conflicting noise from data aggregators to reinstate “trust” in your store.

With us, your competition won’t stand a chance.


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