“Do People Want To Shop At My Store?”

When 1 Bad Review Can Cost You 30 Customers, You Can’t Afford To Guess What Customers Think.


We help you monitor conversations across the entire web so you know and can influence how customers feel about your dealership.

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To Really Address How Your Customers Feel About Your Dealership, Think Bigger.

Thanks to social media, consumers have the freedom to talk about your business anywhere they want.

Between Twitter, Foursquare, Facebook, Instagram, PLUS automotive-specific sites like CarGurus, DealerRater and Edmunds…

…trying to find and resolve every negative review while simultaneously turning the positive ones into raving fans for your business isn’t just challenging

—It’s damn near impossible.

In fact, even the most popular Reputation Management solutions only track keyword mentions and very specific terms.

This creates a “Reputation Gap,” where 85% of reviews are missed due to reputation software that fails to look at the bigger picture.

You see, when a ready-to-buy customer compares your store against your competition on Google, it’s vital everything from your:

  • Dealership’s website and third-party listings
  • Images and videos (even uploaded by customers or employees)
  • Social media accounts
  • Online reviews
  • …To online ratings
  • …surpasses their expectations and shows your store in a positive light.

That’s why we automatically analyze customers’ sentiments across 19 listing and social sites, consolidate every photo and video related to your dealership in one place, and aggregate reviews and reputation scores across the entire internet so you can easily respond or re-share.

Ready to start looking at the bigger picture of how your customers feel about your dealership?

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